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Directory Table
Emergency Contacts   General Information
Medical Emergencies 9-911 General Mailing Address
Fire 9-911 Naval Postgraduate School
Police 9-911 Office of University Communications – Code 004
NSAM Police (Non-Emergency) 831-656-2555
NSAM Police (Security Officer)  
NPS Quarterdeck 831-656-2442 1 University Circle
Police - Monterey 831-646-3914 Monterey, CA 93943
Police - POM Annex 831-242-7851 General Email Address
Fire Station - POM Annex 831-242-7701/2 Organizational Postal Addresses
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula 831-625-4900 Maps and Directions
Trouble Call (Duty Hours) 831-656-2526 Naval Support Activity Monterey (NSAM) is an installation command providing base operations support to over 15 tenant commands including the Naval Postgraduate School.
Trouble Call (After Hours) 831-656-2103

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Academic Affairs 831-656-3566
Academic Planning (now called Faculty Administration) 831-656-2616
Admiral's Aide 831-656-2511
Admiral's Flag Secretary 831-656-3866
Agency Program Coordinator "APC" (Gov. Card Coordinator) 831-656-3211
Admissions 831-656-3093
Admin LPO 831-656-2513
Admin Officer 831-656-3866
Air Force Representative 831-656-2873
Alumni Relations  
Amateur Radio Club at NPS  
Assistant Dean of Students (International Affairs) 831-656-2186
Army Representative 831-656-3962
Audio Visual 831-656-2035
Autoport 831-373-7271
Barber Shop (NEX) 831-373-4688
Base Communication Office (Telephone Repair) 831-656-1033
Base Communication
Base Vehicle Registration (NSAMB) 831-656-1174
Billeting (Navy Gateway Inns and Suites) 831-656-2060
Branch Dental Clinic 831-656-2477/8
Café Del Monte (MWR) 831-656-7885
Campgrounds at Monterey Pines 831-656-7563
Catering (MWR) 831-656-1957
Center: Acquisition Research Program 831-656-3793
Center: Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Center 831-656-2826
Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CAVR) 831-656-2438 fax: 831-656-1121
Center for Contemporary Conflict 831-656-6274
Center for Edge Power (CEP)
Center for Executive Education (CEE) 831-656-3416 fax: 831-656-2580
Center for Homeland Defense & Security (CHDS) 831-656-2003
Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare 831-656-3286 fax: 831-656-2760
Center for Materials Research (CMR) 831-656-3954
Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX)  
Center for Survivability and Lethality 831-656-3400
Center on Terrorism and Irregular Warfare
Center: Cebrowski Institute for Information Innovation and Superiority 831-656-1132
Center: Culture and Conflict Studies (CCS) 831-656-3190
Center: Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI) 831-656-2104
Center: Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE) 831-656-2471 fax: 831-656-3407
Center: Information Operations Center for Excellence 831-656-3667 fax: 831-656-3668
Center: Information Dominance Center for Excellence (IDCFE) 831-656-2911
Center: JPME / Naval War College 831-656-2118
Center: Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) 831-656-7582
Center: Remote Sensing Center 831-656-2019
Center: SEED Center for Data Farming 831-656-2780
Center: Spacecraft Research and Design Center  
Center: Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering  
Chapel Office 831-656-2241
Chief of Staff (Executive Assistant) 831-656-2511
Child Development Center (MWR) 831-656-2734
Civilian Institutions Program Office 831-656-2417
Coast Guard Station 831-647-7300
Combined Bachelor Quarters 831-656-2060
Command Career Counselor 831-656-3031
Command Chaplain Office 831-656-2241
Command Equal Opportunity Officer 831-656-2480
Command Evaluation Office 831-656-2557/2751
Command Master Chief 831-656-2028
Command Sponsor/INDOC Coordinator 831-656-7704
Commissary 831-242-7668
Community Activities (MWR) 831-656-7955
Community Center (La Mesa) 831-644-0400
Computer Science Department 831-656-3389
Computer Science Program Office 831-656-7980
Comptrollers/Financial Management Directorate 831-656-2245/2321
Comptrollers Timekeeping Division (Accounting Techs) 2046 831-656-1191/2078/1193/2046
Conference Coordinator 831-656-2183
Contracting Office (Facilities and Support Services) 831-656-3454
Culture and Conflict Studies (CCS) 831-656-3190
Customer Service Detachment 831- 656-1844/2248
DAPS (Defense Automated Print Service) 831-242-5509
Dean of Students 831-656-2291
DEERS/RAPIDS CAC ID 831-656-1860
Defense Automated Print Service (Visual Info/Reproduction) 831-242-5509
Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) 831-583-2400
Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI) 831-656-2104
Degree Verification  
Dental Clinic (He-419) 831-656-2477/8
Development and Teen Connection Center (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) 831-656-2127
Defense Language Institute (DLIFLC) Telephone & Building Directory  
Distance Learning 831 656-3093
DLI Health Clinic 831-242-5741
Dudley Knox Library 831-656-2947
Duty Officer (Quarterdeck) 831-656-2441
Electrical Computer Engineering Dept. 831-656-2081/2
Employment Verification  
Environmental Office 831-656-2841
Equal Opportunity Officer 831-656-3052
Excess Property Warehouse 831-656-2256
Executive Education Programs 831-656-3416 fax: 2580
Facility and Support Services, Naval Support Activity Monterey 831-656-2526
Faculty Administration 831-656-2616
Fire Prevention Office 831-656-7822
FISC (Procurement) 831-656-2179
Fitness Center (Front Desk) 831-656-3118
Fitness Center Manager 831-656-1943
Flag Admin. 831-656-2513
Flag Secretary 831-656-2511
Fleet Family Support Center 831-656-3060
Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (FNMOC) 831-656-4451/4327/4302
Forecasting, Pre-scheduling 831-656-2773
Gas Station 831-373-7271
Gate Access 831-656-7532
Gate (10th Street) 831-656-2566
Gate (Del Monte Ave.) 831-656-3455
Gateway Inns and Suites 831-656-2060
Graduation Coordinator 831-656-2075
Department of Defense Management (DDM) 831-656-2471
Golf Course (MWR) 831-656-2167
Gym 831-656-3118
Harbor Master 831-656-3950
Hazardous Material Branch (HAZMAT Coordinator) 831-601-9048
High Performance Computing (HPC) Center 831-656-2994/3076
Hope Janitorial Services 831-656-7747
Household Goods/Personal Property 831-656-2151
Housing: School Assignment for Military Housing/Liaison Officers  
Housing Services Office (831) 242-7979
Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE) 831-656-2554 fax: 831-656-3407
Human Resource Offices 831-656-1187
fax: 831-656-3145
ID card CAC Issuance 831- 656-1860
Information (General info, Staff/Faculty & misc.) 831-656-2441
Information Dominance Center for Excellence (IDCFE) 831-656-2911
Information Sciences Department 831-656-2214
Information Technology (Help Desk) 831-656-1046
Information Technology Assistance Center (Manager)  
Information, Ticket and Tours (ITT) 831-656-3223
Information Warfare 831-656-3671
Inspector General Hotline (NPS) 831-656-1803
Institute: Cebrowski Institute for Innovation and Information Superiority 831-656-3603/3596
Institute: Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation Institute (MOVES) 831-656-3734
Institute: Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering 831-656-7947
International Defense Acquisition Resource Management Program 831-656-2415
International Programs Office 831-656-2186
Inventory Management Office 831-656-3761
Job verification (HRO)  
Kelp Climbers Club (Outdoor Recreation DLI) 831-242-5506
Legal Office/Staff Judge Advocate (NPS) 831-656-2506 x3388
Library Information Desk 831-656-2947
Library Ask a Librarian  
Librarian Subject Specialist  
Locksmith 831-656-2526
Logistic Manager (Supply Warehouse Bldg 349) 831-656-2256
Mail Center (Official) 831-656-7653/x2120
Math Dept. (Admin. Dept.) 831-656-2206
Marine Corps Representative 831-656-3386
Mechanical Engineering 831-656-2586
Meteorology Dept. 831-656-2516
Meteorology Oceanography 831-656-2044
Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC) (831) 233-0427  |
Mini Mart (La Mesa Village) 831-375-0959
Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) 831-656-7582
Monterey Military Triathlon Team (M2T2)  
Monterey Bay Officers’ Spouse Club (MBOSC)  
Monterey Institute of International Studies 831-647-4100
Morale and Welfare Recreation Office (MWR) 831-656-1049
Motor Pool (PWC) 831-656-7631
MWR: Administrative Office 831-656-2533
MWR: Business Office 831-656-7593
MWR: Café Del Monte 831-656-7885
MWR: Catering Office 831-656-1957
MWR: Club Del Monte 831-656-1049
MWR: Mini Mart (La Mesa Village) 831-375-0959
MWR: Monterey Pines Golf Course 831-656-2167
MWR: Monterey Pines Golf Course Grill & Bar 831-656-7799
MWR: Marketing Office 831-656-1170
MWR: Community Recreation 831-656-3223
MWR: RV Campground 831-656-7563
MWR: Trident Room 831-656-7508
National Capital Region 571-858-3250
National Ocean Service Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 831-647-4201
National Security Affairs Program Manager 831-656-2067
National Weather Service 831-656-1710/1
Naval Criminal Investigative Service 1-800-543-NAVY
Naval Research Lab 831-656-4721
Navy Exchange (Automotive Services) 831-373-7271
Navy Exchange (Main Store and Customer Service) 831-373-7277
Navy Exchange (Retail Service Center) 831-373-7227 ext. 115
Navy Federal Credit Union 1-888-842-6328
Navy Flying Club (MWR) 831-372-7033
Navy Gateway Inns and Suites 831-656-2060
Navy Lodge Reservations 800-628-9466
Navy Lodging 831-372-6133 or 1-800-NAVY-INN
Naval Support Activity Monterey (NSAM) 831-656-2279
NPS National Capital Region 571-858-3250
NPS Official Mail Center 831-656-7653
Oceanography Dept. 831-656-2673
Office of Instruction 831-656-3059
Officer of Day (Quarterdeck) 831-656-2441
Office of University Communications 831-656-1068
Official Mail Center 831-656-7653
Operation Research Dept. 831-656-2381
Ord Community Commissary 831-242-7668
Outdoor Recreation (Defense Language Institute “DLI”) 831-242-5506
Passport Agent (NPS Travel Office) 831-656-7632
Personnel Service Center 831-656-1847/43
Photo Studio 831-656-7682
Police Department (NSAMB) 831-656-2556
Post Office 831-333-1734
President's Office (Executive Assistant) 831-656-2511
Printer Service (DOD) 831-242-5509
Protocol Officer 831-656-2466
Public Works Department 831-656-2526
Public Works (Emergency Trouble Call - During Duty Hours) 831-656-2526
Public Works (Emergency Trouble Call - After Hours) 831-656-2103
Property Book Office (PBO) 831-656-2923
Property Management (Personal Property/Household Goods) 831-656-2151
Property Management Branch 831-656-2923
Quarterdeck - Officer of the Day (General Information Point of Contact) 831-656-2442
Recruiter (Navy) 831-443-5400
Registrar Office 831-656-2591
Religious Programs 831-656-2241
Remote Sensing Center  
Rental Listing (Parks Monterey Bay Housing) 866-902-6522
Research Department 831-656-3241/2098
Safety Manager 831-656-7758
SATO (Bldg# 300) 1-855-744-4657
School: Department of Defense Management (DDM) 831-656-2471
School: Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (GSEAS) 831-656-7861
School: Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences (GSOIS) 831-656-3243
School: Graduate School of International and Defense Studies (IDS) 831-656-3781
Sea Bees 831-656-2386
Security (Police) 831-656-2556
Security Manager/Special Security Officer 831-656-2450/2565/3448/3509
SEED Center for Data Farming  
Scheduling Office 831-656-2064
Shipping & Receiving (Supply Warehouse Bldg 349) 831-656-2256
Spacecraft Research and Design Center  
Staff Judge Advocate 831-656-2506/3388
Student Services 831-656-3816
Systems Engineering 831-656-2900
Tech Connection Youth and Teen Center (MWR) 831-656-2127
Technology Assistance Center (TAC) 831-656-1046
Technology: High Performance Computing (HPC) Center 831-656-2994/3076
Telephone Repair 831-656-1033
Thesis Processors 831-656-2155/2159/3033/2979
Ticket & Tour Office (Moral Welfare and Recreation) 831-656-3223
TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC)-Monterey 831-656-3086
Transportation (PWC Motor Pool) 831-656-7631
Transportation Office (Household Goods/Personal Property) 831-656-2151
Travel Office 831-656-2041
Trident Room 831-656-7508
Trouble Desk (Public Works/Emergencies) 831-656-2526
Union Representative (Local 1690) 831-656-2400
Uniform Shop (NEX) 831-373-7227 ext. 115
U.S. Army Health Clinic 831-242-5741
Vehicle Registration (NSAMB) 831-656-1174/3477
Video Teleconference Center (Bu 266A-D)
VTC Locations: (RO 242/56/260/262)272/277A/277B & BU-201C)
Voting Assistance Officer 831-656-1980
Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering  
Welcome Center (La Mesa) 831-644-0400
Youth Center (See Tech Connection) 831-656-2127