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This web site is intended to enhance our mission and vision in providing support and services to the staff, students, and other customers of the Naval Postgraduate School. We provide a number of resources here to help you make travel plans, check travel regulations, view current rates, resolve problems, and suggest improvements to our service.

 Defense Travel System (DTS) Home Page

  • Access to DTS (2 Aug 2011)
    Welcome to the new era of government travel that can really take you places. Featuring the best practices in industry and plug-and-play components, Defense Travel System streamlines the entire process involved in global Department of Defense (DoD) travel.

Announcements / News

  • Change to Reimbursable Expenses (26 August 2014)
    For travel with departure date on or after 1 Oct 2014, the following expenses will no longer be reimbursable, but will be considered part of the daily incidental expense rate:
      Authorized Business Call
      Authorized Call Home
      Baggage Tips
      GOVCC and Non-GOVCC ATM Advance Fee
      GOVCC ATM Service Fee
      Laundry/Dry Cleaning

  • Medical Insurance (6 June 2014)
     You cannot assume your insurance coverage will go with you when you travel. It's very important to find out BEFORE you leave whether or not your medical insurance will cover you overseas. You need to ask your insurance company two questions:  Does my policy apply when I am outside of the United States?  Will it cover emergency expenses like a trip to a foreign hospital or an evacuation?   In many places, doctors and hospitals still expect payment in cash at the time of service. Your regular U.S. health insurance may not cover doctor and hospital visits in other countries. If your policy doesn't go with you when you travel, it's a very good idea to take out another one for your trip. For more information, please see our medical insurance overseas webpage.

  • Travel Voucher Receipts (18 April 2014)
     To clarify the requirement, all receipts for lodging regardless of amount, and any other receipts for $75 or more must be attached to your travel voucher as Substantiating Records. They can be faxed with a DTS Fax Cover Sheet, or they can be scanned as .pdf documents and uploaded. Airline eTicket receipts must be downloaded from SATO’s web site,, or obtained from the airline check-in counter. In either case, the word “receipt” must be present. You may not use the Itinerary or eInvoice, because in some cases the total cost on these documents does not agree with the actual receipt.

  • Approval of Travel Authorizations (7 July 2014)
     a. All NPS travel requires the prior approval of the President of NPS and your AO. You must have BOTH approvals in place before you depart.
     b. The President of NPS reviews all submitted travel requests on Thursday of each week. In order to assure that your travel is included for submission to the President of NPS, you should make all efforts to have it entered into DTS ten days prior to departure, but no later than the Wednesday before departure.
    c. The DTS system will automatically notify you via email when your AO has approved your travel request.
    d. When the President of NPS approves your travel, you will receive a confirmation email from the Travel Officer (on the date of approval). This email will be your sole confirmation. You are requested to scan this notification into your travel authorization as attestation of approval.  
     e. Do not travel without both approvals in advance. If you have not received your email notice of the NPS President’s approval by the day before departure, and by Thursday for Saturday through Monday planned departures, contact the Travel Officer or Chief of Staff to determine the status of your approval.

  • Non-DoD Conference Attendance (7 July 2014)
     In accordance with DoD memo dated 29 Sept 2012 and CHNAVPERS memo dated 5 Apr 2013, approval is required (no matter the cost) for all Department of the Navy (DoN) employees attending non-DoD hosted conferences.  
     Priority for attendance will be given to personnel in participatory roles, e.g. speaking/presenting.  All request packages will be created by the Travel Office, submitted to the President, NPS for mission essential determination and signature, and submitted to Department of the Navy Assistant for Administration (DoN/AA) via Director, Navy Staff (DNS) for final approval.
     To begin the process, complete and submit the Non-DoD Conference Attendance Request Form, along with a copy of the Conference Agenda, to the Travel Officer or on the Non-DoD Conference wiki.  The Travel Office will contact the attendees and/or point of contact (POC) for the event to complete the required forms.  Additionally, each request will be posted on the wiki for 72 hours prior to submission to ensure that all NPS attendees are accounted for in the request.  
     All requests must be entered into the Navy Tasker system no later than 30 days prior to event if the total cost to NPS is less than $100,000 or 120 days prior if the total NPS cost is greater than $100,000.  To ensure your request can be processed by the Travel Office, reviewed by the Provost, signed by the President, and entered into the Tasker system by those deadlines, the required forms need to be submitted to the Travel Office 45 and 135 days (respectively) prior to the conference start date.  The request Form should include all NPS travelers who are attending the conference.  The Travel Office will arrange all travel in connection with this request in DTS. Once submitted, attendees and designated POCs will receive automated updates on the conference approval process via the Non-DoD wiki.




NPS Travel Points of Contact

  • The Travel Office is open from 0800 to 1500 Monday through Friday, except it will be closed from 1330 to 1430 on Wednesday for a meeting.
    COMM 831-656-2041
    DSN is 756-2041
    Fax 831-656-7632 or DSN 756-7632.

  • Our official address is:
    Naval Postgraduate School
    Travel Office
    1 University Circle, Building 220
    Herrmann Hall - Room 038
    Monterey, California 93943

  • Travel Officer
    COMM 831-656-2192

  • NPS Travel Office Passport Agent
    Travel Office
    COMM 831-656-2247
    Available by appointment 0730-1600

  • DTS Contact Numbers for Help Desks of other commands - Link

  • SATO:
    NPS Bldg. 300
    855 744-4657 | FAX 866 352-9235 (both toll-free)
    After hours: 800-359-9999 (toll-free)

  • G2 Software Systems contractors working with the Defense Travel System Software

  • Lead DTA
    1-866-817-5245 x170
    Herrmann Hall - Room 038

  • NPS DTS Help Desk:
    1-866-817-5245 ext 2 | FAX (619) 226-8025
    Physically Located in San Diego
    DTS Help Desk:

  • DTS Instructor, x3192 | Cell 277-0622
    Herrmann Hall - Room 038

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