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Command Religious

Mission Statement 

Command Religious Program 

Naval Support Activity Monterey

The Command Religious Program (CRP) is a multi-functional department of Naval Support Activity (NSA) Monterey through the following objectives.

1. Providing responsive advocacy of spiritual needs, ethical maturity, and moral resiliency to all we serve through counseling services, training evolutions, and worship opportunities.

2. Assist service members and their families in coping with military life and to enable them to accomplish their respective missions as moral warriors and virtuous citizens.

3. Care for NSA Monterey clientele and enhance their quality of life in good times and bad.  

4. Be a responsive civic partner by building and nurturing effective relationships with agencies and communities outside of NSA Monterey by participating in public events.

5. Support and augment the teaching mission of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) by teaching NS3903 (Ethics: Good in Theory) and NS3904 (Right Across Cultures: Comparative Ethics in the World's Religions and Philosophies) and leading Enrichment Week seminars tailored to meet the request of various centers, institutes, departments or schools of NSA Monterey.

Worship Services Schedule:


Catholic Mass:

Sundays at 0900
Mondays thru Thursdays at 1205

Protestant Service:

Sundays at 1030

Combined fellowship on Sundays from 1000 to 1030.


The Catholic community of NSA Monterey announces the presentation of Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism.  Adults who are interested in exploring their faith, discovering God’s presence in daily life, or just looking for inspiration will find this presentation fruitful.  Meetings will be Sundays at 1700 in the chapel and will last approximately 90 minutes, beginning Sunday, February 10th.  Children’s activities in the children’s worship center (depending on adult volunteers).


Where do you wish to go from here?


Officer's Christian Fellowship (OCF) Information

To glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society. 

Students interested in OCF information, please contact coordinator. OCF meets on Thursday's to fellowship with other believers, sing and share praises, and to study God’s word (the Bible).

Meeting:Fort Ord Chapel
 Thursday’s 6:45 -8:30 pm (Child care is provided)
POC: LCDR Eric McMullen
Flyer:Officers’ Christian Fellowship Monterey

Chaplain Care Website
Distance support for Chaplain and Spiritual Support. See the following website.

Suicide Prevention Plan

Please see Naval Support Activity Monterey's Suicide Prevention Plan to be aware of potential signs and concerns for yourself, family, friends, and fellow service members.

Women's Fellowship
Come to the Christian Women's Fellowship the first Monday of every month! We meet in the Del Monte Dining Room (across from the main Herrmann Hall dining area) at noon. See the following flyer.

Chapel Reservation Form
Application for the use of the Chapel must be made through the Chaplain's Office.

Catholics are required to make contact with the Catholic Priest at least three months prior to wedding. Catholics are also required to go through a marriage preparation program approved by the Military Archdiocese. Information is available at Catholic Marriage Prep Online and at Engaged Encounter.

Looking for a course next quarter?
Right Across Cultures: Comparative Ethics in the World's Religions and Philosophies (NS 3904)

This course will examine where the concept of something being right began and how it has evolved over the ages. Particular attention will be given to the religions and philosophies of various cultures and how they have influenced that society’s sense of what is right. We will explore the distinctiveness of the world’s major religions, and the cultures we are most likely deal with in the military, as well as the significance of fundamentalism in all religions. We will look at tools for planning, negotiation and meaningful dialogue in many settings.


Hanukkah began last night on the 1st of December and will go on until the 9th of December. People are interested in Hanukkah as the Christmas Season brings out an increased feeling of spirituality.

NPS Intranet acknowledged Ramadan but there has been no mention of the two High Holidays of Judaism: Rosh Hashanah, which has already passed and Yom Kippur which is on Friday-Saturday.   Not a criticism just an observation.

Community Support

Local NPS Contact - Cindy Graham -; local Alzheimer’s phone number - (831)647-9890
American Cancer Society
Local NPS Contact - Sue Dooley -; general phone number - 1-800-ACS-2345 (1-800-227-2345)
Autism and Special Needs
Local NPS Contact - Carl Oros -; general site -  /




LCDR William Riley
Command Chaplain
Cell phone: (757)470-9672

Fr. Dominic-Joseph R. Castro
Catholic Priest
Office phone: (831)656-6264

Chapel Office

Quarterdeck (and after hours or emergency care in need of direct Chaplain support)

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