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Special Announcement: We are now located in Dudley Knox Library, Room 111.

Thesis Processing collects and reviews NPS theses, dissertations, MBA professional reports, capstone projects, and joint applied projects. We ensure that each paper follows the formatting guidelines of the Naval Postgraduate School and assist students with the proofreading process. Contact Us



Target Submission Dates

June graduates:
Initial Draft, May 8
Final Draft
, June 5*

Graduation is June 19. Acceptance letters are issued until June 26. Future Quarters // Rules

*For dissertations, Final Draft target is June 4. Acceptance letter should be issued by June 10.

Offsite or wireless users: You must log into the NPS network (VPN) to access your thesis SharePoint site. When prompted for your user name, enter "ERN\" first: ERN\Jdoe. Please see this link or video to install the VPN software. If your account has been disabled, contact technology assistance at (831) 656-1046 or tac@nps.edu.

Experiencing writer's block?
The Writing Center can help.

Sign up for one-to-one coaching and workshops such as Nailing Your Citations, Building Blocks of Academic Papers, and Cutting the Diamond: How to Edit Your Paper.

Click here for information.
Click here to register.

THESIS BRIEF: MANDATORY for resident June graduates

Three times offered; pick one:
Tues April 7 at 1200 in the ME Auditorium
Wed April 8 at 1200 in the ME Auditorium
Thurs April 9 at 1200 in the ME Auditorium

The submission process, template, and required forms will be covered. Because procedures can vary from quarter to quarter, students are required to attend a brief during the quarter in which
they graduate. Future graduates are welcome to attend.

Distance learning students: A taping of the June brief will be posted about 1.5 weeks after April 9. Of special concern to you is setting up access to the NPS server (see wireless icon above), which will enable you to access your thesis SharePoint site for submission to Thesis Processing. Click here for details.

A taping of the March brief is provided for informational purposes. Here are the brief slides and the brief handouts. If you have trouble playing the video, switch browsers to Firefox or Chrome.

THESIS TIMELINE [for dissertations, click here]

  1. Receive SharePoint URL

    6 1/2 months before graduation

    SharePoint use is required. Your personal online workspace; keep URL safe until needed

    6 1/2 months 26 26
  2. Attend Thesis Brief

    3 months before graduation

    Meet thesis processors; learn our requirements

    3 months 11 11
  3. Choose Template

    3 months before graduation

    Saves you work; gives your paper the right look and feel

    3 months 13 13
  4. Write Thesis Text

    5 months through 2 months before graduation

    Use input from Advisors to write thesis and compile reference list. One-on-one coaching is also available at the Graduate Writing Center.

    5 months to 2 months 20 8
  5. Apply Formatting

    7 weeks before graduation

    Add template styles to thesis text, as shown in Thesis Brief

    7 weeks 7 7
  6. Upload to SharePoint

    6 weeks before graduation

    Mandatory; three formatted chapters for processor to review

    6 weeks 6 6
  7. Request Initial Review

    6 weeks before graduation

    Click the "ready for review" link in your SharePoint site.

    Hired an editor? Still request processor, but excused from Initial Review

    6 weeks 6 6
  8. "Meet" Processor / Wait

    4 1/2 weeks before graduation

    Your processor emails you review results

    Wait for feedback!
    Avoid version errors: Stop work on thesis during reviews

    4 1/2 weeks 4.5 4.5
  9. Make Processor Edits

    4 weeks before graduation

    Make all requested edits to SharePoint Master File only.

    4 weeks 4 4
  10. Refine Thesis Text

    3 weeks before graduation

    Use Advisors' input to finish thesis, update placeholder text

    3 weeks 3 3
  11. Gather Signatures


    Advisors and Chair approve thesis content, sign release form

    When ready or by 2 1/2 weeks 26 2.5
  12. Upload Thesis Package

    2 1/2 weeks before graduation

    Upload Final Draft, Publication Announcement List, Final Draft Checklist, Release Form

    Remove Track Changes; check format, references and citations

    2 1/2 weeks 2.3 2.3
  13. Request Final Review

    2 weeks before graduation

    Processor reviews file

    2 weeks 2 2
  14. Review PDF file

    Before graduation

    Processor emails you; approve final thesis PDF for publication

    1 1/2 weeks 1.5 1.5
  15. Receive Acceptance Letter

    Before graduation

    Letter is sent by email to you, your advisors, ed tech, and the Registrar

    Optimally, letter is received before graduation day; last day to receive letter is the Friday that follows graduation.

    1 week 1 1
Try My Thesis Scheduler to plan and keep track of your thesis tasks. The milestones above are built into the planner!


The template contains the pages and styles you need to format your paper. For help with the template, please contact a thesis processor. Students who choose not to use the template must still adhere to the NPS format requirements.

Template Setup +
Formatting Instructions +
SharePoint Instructions +
Things to Remember

Microsoft Word can be downloaded here.

Detailed Specs: The formatting specs in detail. (These are built into the template styles.)


1. Release Form. Electronic and hand signatures accepted; scan form if hand signatures are used.

For Thesis, MBA, JAP, Capstone

For Dissertation

2. Publication Announcement List. Include the email addresses of your advisors and desired recipients. Marines must list these email addresses.

For Unrestricted Paper

For Restricted Paper

3. Final Draft Checklist Download
4. Color Print Request (optional) Download
5. Report Documentation Page Page i of your paper. Instructions. Do not give this form to Thesis Processing.

Upload completed forms 1 through 3 (and 4 if using) to your SharePoint site. Then email your thesis processor that you are ready for Final Review.


The Things to Remember sheet below outlines our style preferences. For style matters not covered there, refer to the guidelines of your citation manual and/or the following references. Additionally, the Dudley Knox Library and Graduate Writing Center offer easy access to citation and writing guides. 

Things to Remember   "Top 20 Grammar Errors"    DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms 
Navy Style Guide  Abstracts and Executive Summaries Thesis Capitalization Rules



To apply for an extension, please see your program officer, academic associate, or education technician. Keep your extension(s) updated with your education technician. This saves you the trouble of reactivating your NPS account when it is time to submit your thesis.

Extension students are expected to adhere to the same submission deadlines as resident students.


For help with writing your thesis, the Graduate Writing Center offers one-to-one coaching, writing guides, citation-style links, and workshops. A writing coach can review your work and help you express your ideas clearly, powerfully and concisely. Please visit its website for more information and to make an appointment.


  • Academic Honor Code: Standards of conduct while completing coursework inside and outside the classroom are outlined here.
  • Travel Approval: Some students travel to conduct interviews, present preliminary findings or access archives. Student travel must be processed through the Travel Office.
  • Export Control Approval: Certain types of information require export-control protection. Export controls are government regulations that manage the transfer of commodities, technologies, and software to non-U.S. entities or individuals. For help, please see the Export Control Officer in the Research and Sponsored Programs Office.
  • Human Subjects Research: Human-subjects research methods such as surveys and interviews must be cleared with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the work is conducted.     
  • Sponsor PAO Approval: The student's sponsor or faculty member's research sponsor may require review before release. If so, students must contact their sponsors, and faculty members must contact their's, to obtain release approval.
  • Proprietary Information Approval: Permission for distribution should be obtained from the individuals and companies as listed in blocks 9 and/or 10 of Standard Form 298 (page iii of the thesis). It is the advisor's responsibility to secure permission before the document is distributed to the NPS Library and DTIC.


M-F 0730 to 1700
We are located inside the Dudley Knox Library
Email us at

Thesis processors: Direct contact information can be found here (internal only). If you are not base, use VPN to access this link. Please go to the this link for instructions on how to use VPN. If you are a student on extension, and your account has been disabled, please contact the TAC at X1046 or tac@nps.edu. 

For Additional Help:

VPN/SharePoint issues: TAC@nps.edu, or call ext. 1046.
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