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December graduates

  • Resident students:  You are expected to attend the brief in person, pick up the handouts while there, and receive an attendance chit from our staff.
  • DL, hybrid, and extension students: A recording will be made available to you. You will receive viewing information from your ed tech by email around the first week of October. You also will need to download the handouts from our website and obtain a viewing number from your ed tech, which you must enter into your Python Thesis Dashboard’s "Requirements" section.

Future graduates are strongly encouraged to attend.


When and Where: Three sessions are offered. You need attend only one:

  • Tuesday, 8 October, at noon (this session will be taped; doors will close at noon), ME Auditorium (building 255 behind Watkins Hall, near the Sloat entrance); seating is limited.
  • Wednesday, 9 October, at noon, Glasgow 102 (GL-102)
  • Thursday, 10 October, at noon, Glasgow 102 (GL-102)

The submission process, template, and forms are covered. The brief lasts approximately 55 minutes. Because procedures can vary from quarter to quarter, students are required to attend a brief during the quarter in which they graduate.

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Below is a recording of the thesis brief for September graduates, along with the handouts and slides. The video is made available for convenience only. December graduates are expected to attend a brief in October. If you are a DL student graduating in December, please wait for the December recording (see the "Attend" section).


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