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Welcome to the NPS Human Resources Office

Welcome to your source for NPS human resources information at a glance. 

Our mission is to help NPS recruit, hire, and retain the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible and to provide employees with the tools they need to succeed.  Our goal is to lead and partner with the campus in developing a positive and healthy work environment that fosters mutual respect and continuous learning.

Browse the topics below to learn more about benefits, job and career opportunities, training and development services, policies, workplace programs and employee resources.

  • NOTICE: In the event of a Furlough due to a lapse in appropriations commencing on Friday, October 1, 2021, the following special instructions apply for civilians. Contact the HR office with additional questions.





What's New?!

What's New?!

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Due to COVID-19 we are “hosting” a virtual benefits fair this year that will provide you with the opportunity to find the information you need regarding BENEFEDS, FEDVIP, the FEHB Program, the FLTCIP, and FSAFEDS programs.  At the Virtual Benefits Fair you will have access to plan information, helpful coverage links, and in some cases, the opportunity to chat with a representative on-line.


You may register for a virtual health fair here: After registering, representatives from all participating carriers will be available to take your questions via chat as well as during the four live chat days listed below from 10:a.m – 5p.m. EST :


Friday November 13, 2020


Friday November 20, 2020


Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Wednesday, December 9, 2020


You can also download 2021 plan brochures, visit an individual carrier booth, watch videos, and register for other educational webinars.


The Federal Benefits Open Season began 9 November 2020 and continues through 14 December 2020.  During open season, you have the opportunity to enroll, change plans or plan options, change enrollment type, or cancel enrollment for the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program and the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) for 2021.  You also have the opportunity to reenroll or newly enroll in the Federal Flexible Spending Account (FSAFEDS) Program for 2021.


You are encouraged to read information provided to you by your current health provider, as they are required to provide plan changes that will occur in the next benefit year.  The Civilian Benefits Center (CBC) cannot advise you on which health insurance plan is best suited for you. This is a decision you must make after reviewing the plans.


Review your options.  Enclosure (1) includes information on your options for health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and the FSA.  You can access your GRB Platform account here on a government computer with a “.mil, .edu, or .gov” email address using your Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC).  From the GRB Platform, you can make your benefit elections.


You should direct questions about your benefits or accessing the GRB Platform to the Benefits Line at 888-320-2917 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., EST, Monday - Friday, except on federal holidays.  Extended hours will be available during open season until 9:30 p.m.  The TTY number is 866-359-5277.  You may also email questions to navybenefits@navy.mil   You must include your full name, pay plan, grade, and contact telephone number.  Please do not include Privacy Act or other Personally Identifiable Information such as date of birth or social security number in your email correspondence.


The open season period will be busy – get ready now! In addition to reading information from your health insurance carrier, connect to the OCHR Benefits portal link above to keep up-to-date on the latest information on the open season.

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April Newsletters here.


Free and Confidential Services!

DONCEAP Services Offered

  • Access to licensed counselors who provide in-person, short-term counseling for a wide range of concerns to include relationships, legal, financial, family, substance abuse, depression, parenting, and more
  • Assistance with a wide range of concerns to include short-term problem solving, management coaching or crisis management
  • Help when there is an incident or crisis that affects the workplace – psychological first aide, grief groups, consultation and education
  • Access to work/life specialists who provide information, resources and referral to:
    • Childcare (daycare, preschools, etc.)
    • Eldercare (assisted living, in-home care, etc.)
    • Daily Life (relocation, event planning, etc.)
    • Family (adoption, prenatal, etc.)
    • Legal and financial (credit and debt, tax tips, etc.)
    • Child care (nursery–graduate school, etc.)
    • Comprehensive information and resources 24/7 via the web
    • Library of resources including health and wellness articles, presentations, webinars and podcasts

For more information. Please access DONCEAP portal (CAC enable) here.

Employees can access services 24/7 through the web (https://magellanascend.com) Or by phone 24/7 (1-844-DONCEAP) (844-366-2327)


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the contribution limit for TSP has increased for 2020 to $19,500. The Catch-Up Contribution (CUC) limit for employees aged 50 and over, remains unchanged at $6,500.

There is no TSP Open Season - you can make elections at any time. Each calendar year has 26 pay dates. To reach the 2020 limit of $19,500, you would elect to equally distribute your contributions at $750 per pay period. If you are eligible to make CUC's, you would elect to contribute $250 per pay period to reach the 2020 contribution limit of $6,500.

To ensure equal distribution of your contributions, make your election during the period 09 December - 22 December 2019 using the GRB Platform, formerly the Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS). Your election will be effective 23 December 2019 and will be withheld from your first paycheck in tax year 2020, which you will receive on 10 January 2020.

Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) employees are reminded that you must make TSP contributions each pay period in order to receive Agency Matching Contributions.

UPDATE: Beginning December 2019, all TSP participants must have validated their contact information and use a two-step authentication to log into their TSP My Accounts at TSP.gov. To avoid interruption to your account access, click here for more information on how to accomplish authentication or you can call the ThriftLine at 877-968-3778.

If you have questions, please call the Benefits Line at 888-320-2917 from 7:30am - 7:30 pm eastern time, Monday - Friday except Federal Holidays. During the Federal Benefits Open Season, hours of operations are extended to 9:30pm. You can also email your questions to the Benefits Line at navybenefits@navy.mil.

Do you have Use or Lose?

A leave year begins on the first day of the first full biweekly pay period in a calendar year and ends on the day immediately before the first day of the first full biweekly pay period in the following calendar year.  The current leave year began January 6, 2019 and ends January 04, 2020.

Employees may carry over to the next leave year the maximum amount of accrued annual leave (240 hours for most employees). 

To find out more, please review this document: Do you have Use or Lose?​​​​​​​

COVID-19 Use or Lose guidance here

Beginning on Sunday, 10 Dec 17, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is scheduled to implement a new sign-in method to increase the security of the USAJOBS system.  As many of you know, USAJOBS is the official recruitment system for   General Schedule (GS) and Wage Grade (WG) positions.  OPM will email applicants (with active USAJOBS account) a series of emails informing them of the new USAJOBS sign-in method.  Applicants will be prompted to create a login.gov account upon signing in to USAJOBS. 


Please click here for PowerPoint slides with detailed information about the expected update, including step-by-step sign-in instructions.


Please feel free to contact your HR Team at hro@nps.edu with questions relating to this implementation.

DOD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 410, DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Training, Education, and Professional Development, requires the creation and updating of IDPs for all civilian employees. OCHR has incorporated this requirement into the new SECNAV 12410.25A, Civilian Employee Training and Career Development.

 What is an IDP?

 An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool to assist employees in career and personal development. Its primary purpose is to help employees reach short and long-term career goals as well as develop the specific competencies necessary to meet current objectives and to determine the training, education and other professional development strategies that can be used to develop such competencies. IDPs assist in making employee performance more effective in present or future positions and should be viewed as a partnership between an employee and their supervisor.


To find out more visit Training and Development.


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