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Energy Seminar Details Complexity of U.S. Electricity Supply, Demand
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

Energy Seminar Details Complexity of U.S. Electricity Supply, Demand

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

William Levis, recently retired from his position as President and Chief Operating Officer of Public Service Enterprise Group, receives a certificate of appreciation from NPS Energy Academic Group Program Officer retired Navy Cmdr. Kevin Maher during the latest Defense Energy Seminar, April 6. Levis lectured on the United States’ current energy concerns and how to address them.

“The energy concerns of the country are different in different parts of the country because everyone has different energy needs and sources available,” said Levis. “I think that the most pressing need is for honest conversation on what those needs are so we can fully understand what the issues, challenges and solutions out there look like.”

Today’s electricity supply mix is determined more by a series of events rather than any prescribed policy or plan, Levis explained. In turn, the impact of those events on current electricity supply challenges suppliers, already faced with determining the energy choices of the future. All the while, navigating their way through environmental regulation, state preferences and market constructs while providing appropriate returns for shareholders adds incredible complexity to the delivery of electricity, he added.

But, there is a role for programs like NPS and its Energy Academic Group.

“NPS can help by spreading information about what the energy picture looks like, the choices we have, and the upside and downside to those choices,” said Levis. “NPS is able to facilitate that dialogue. In many cases, the Department of Defense has been a leader in helping to establish new technologies, like GPS and laser technology, so I think the research that we do and the practical application that comes from it, can help the nation move forward.”

NPS' Defense Energy Seminar series provides a forum for leading voices, practitioners, and other influencers in the defense energy field. These professionals give presentations, and engage in informal discussions that encourage EAG faculty and students to understand underlying issues in defense energy, supplementing classroom teaching with practical, professional experiences. Check out the Defense Energy Seminars website for information on upcoming presentations.

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