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The Graduate School of International and Defense Studies (IDS), formerly known as the School of International Graduate Studies, is a unique asset to the Navy and the Department of Defense. Its highly accomplished faculty members provide timely, relevant, and security-focused graduate education on regional security, homeland security, and strategy, while carrying out research on topics critical to U.S. national security and allied defense. It serves a diverse population of students, including Navy and Marine officers and senior enlisted personnel, U.S. military officers from other services, DOD civilians, and military officers from allied and partner nations.

One of its main component parts is the Department of National Security Affairs (NSA), with nearly 40 Ph.D.-trained faculty from the world’s top universities, most with expert foreign-language knowledge and extensive international experience. The largest group of students in the NSA Department are Foreign Area Officers, who will go on to serve in major military commands and in U.S. embassies abroad. The highly responsive NSA Department curriculum has recently pivoted to meet Navy and DOD needs in the area of Great Power Competition, offering a required course for all students, new electives on China and Russia, and a specialized certificate for remote students studying via distance learning.

A second major organization within IDS is the International Graduate Program Office (IGPO), the body within the Naval Postgraduate School responsible for international officers and civilians from allied and partner nations enrolled in various certificate and degree programs. As part of the Navy’s focus on leveraging alliances and partnerships to strengthen U.S. defense and deterrence, IGPO ensures that students helping to build these links maximize their potential, while staying in touch with them after they return home to sustain this cooperation.

A third core component of IDS is the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). This organization, created after 9/11, serves as a focal point for graduate education and research on homeland defense issues, ranging from combatting terrorism to responding to pandemics to meeting the challenges posed by cyber-attacks from China and Russia. Its unique hybrid educational model allows it to reach a broad student body drawn from local, state, federal, tribal, and territorial organizations responsible for U.S. homeland security, as well as from the Coast Guard and the other uniformed services.

Finally, a fourth and recent addition to the IDS family in the Center for Security Cooperation Support (CSCS). This new organization expands previous IDS efforts in the area of security cooperation by offering new programs, including specialized short courses in regional politics, culture, and security relevant to security cooperation professionals throughout the U.S. government. Through this work, IDS improves the effectiveness of U.S. efforts to sustain alliances and build new partnerships around the globe.

In sum, IDS's mission is to provide flexible, defense-focused, and Navy-relevant graduate educational opportunities in support of U.S. national security and allied cooperation. Its unique offerings serve the Navy and DOD with specialized programs not available at civilian universities.

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James Clay Moltz, Ph.D.

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