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Mie-Sophia Elisabeth Augier

Graduate School of Defense Management

NPS Experience
  • 2019 - current: Professor
  • 2010 - 2019: Associate Professor

Scholarly Work

  • Book Chapter
  • Dew, N., & Augier, M. E, (2018). A Behavioral (Simonian) Perspective on (Behavioral) Strategic Management Research. Behavioral Strategy in Perspective: Advances in Strategic Management
  • Augier, M. E., & Guo, J. M, (2017). The Evolutionary Nature of Innovation and Disruptive Change: The Interrelatedness of Technology, Leadership and Organizations. Technology and Leadership: International Perspectives. Edited by D Watola & A. MacIntyre (eds). Canadian Defence Academy Press
  • Augier, M. E., & Guo, J. M, (2016). Overcoming Negative Leadership Challenges through We-Leadership. Canadian Defense Academy Press.
  • Journal Article
  • Augier, M. E., & Dew, N, (2018). Understanding some Pitfalls in the Strategic Foresight Processes: The Case of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. Futures, .
  • Augier, M. E., Dew, N., Knudsen, T., & Stiglitz, N, (2018). Organizational persistence in the use of war gaming and scenario planning. Long Range Planning, .
  • Augier, M. E., & Andrew, M, (2017). The Fog of Strategy. Comparative Strategy, 4(Vol 36), 275-292.
  • Augier, M. E., Guo, J. M., & Rowen, H, (2016). The Needham Puzzle Reconsidered: Organization, Organizations and Innovation in China. Management and Organization Review, 1(12), 5-24.
  • Augier, M. E, (2015). The Power of Little ideas. Journal of Management Inquiry, 3(24).
  • Augier, M. E., March, J. G., & Marshall, A, (2015). The Flaring of intellectual outliers. Organization Science, 4(26), 1140-1162.
  • Augier, M. E., McNab, R. M., Guo, J. M., & Karber, P, (2015). Defense spending and economic growth: evidence from China, 1952–2012. Defence and Peace Economics, , 1–26.