Current Incubations

If you look at what generates power in this age, you find it comes from information processes, from information itself, and is supported and enabled by information technology.   -- Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.)

Cebrowski - Current Incubations

Cebrowski's Current Incubations

The Cebrowski Institute focuses incubations based on surfing for emergences, interdisciplinary networks, serendipity, design, and innovation.

Peter Denning (CS) and John Arquilla (DA)Graphic - Big Idea

The Big Ideas Exchange (BIX) is an NPS initiative that brings forward new and potentially game-changing thinking developed by NPS faculty and students to address grand challenges in American national security. These fresh approaches can become the lifeblood of future innovations in military and naval organization, doctrine, and strategy. They augur larger changes emerging in the world from recent technological advances.

  • Helping Navy leadership think and position for what is coming
  • Surfing emerging waves of technologies and possibilities, in search of new ideas that may change the world and military operations
  • Avoiding technology surprises
  • Setting future education requirements
  • Positioning for emerging technologies

Warren Yu

  • To provide necessary technical environment, training and assessment for continuous integration to meet evolving Fleet counterterrorism and operational requirements via NITES Next. 

  • The fundamental research question is, "How might we best integrate a continuously supportive technical development environment across multiple teams who work under opposing fiscal, legal, and policy barriers in order to deliver timely, modern, efficient and effective solutions for the 21st century warfighter?"

  • The fundamental research question is, "How might we best develop and document an executable concept and process that will develop new METOC (Battlespace on Demand Tier 3) analytic capabilities supporting Fleet missions innate to FNMOC and NPS"?


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