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Incoming President’s Student Council Leadership Look Forward
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Patrick Dionne

Incoming President’s Student Council Leadership Look Forward

By MC2 Brian H. Abel

Marine Corps Capt. Dan Salazar, left, and Air Force Capt. Margarita Balish, right, relieved Marine Corps Majs. Tom Kulisz and Paul Webber as the new chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the NPS President’s Student Council (PSC). Salazar and Balish say they hope to build on the successes of their predecessors, while adding their own unique style of leadership, to NPS’ student organization.

“We hope to continue with the good work of the previous PSC by actively engaging with our fellow students and taking their input directly to the appropriate university leadership for action,” said Salazar. “Maj. Kulisz and Maj. Webber did a fantastic job establishing positive relationships with key personnel across the school and base, and we will capitalize on that to continue to find solutions for students’ problems.”

Salazar stressed that the PSC exists for the students and their concerns. A critical component, he says, is active communication.

“If you’ve got a good idea, let’s give it a shot,” said Salazar. “If you have an issue or a concern that isn’t being addressed elsewhere, bring it up. Our best results start from students’ direct input.”

The PSC will hold monthly meetings in the Dudley Knox Library, room 263A, at 3 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month, schedule permitting.

“This will allow for students to hear about the issues being discussed, and will provide them with an opportunity to talk face to face with the members of the PSC to bring up their ideas and concerns,” said Salazar. “A great opportunity for student feedback will be in the upcoming student survey. Students will see an invitation to participate in August, and their feedback directly relates to where the PSC puts its effort in these upcoming months.”

As Salazar and Balish move forward with the PSC, they encourage students to get involved in as many ways as possible.

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