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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Our mission is to provide our students with the highest quality and most Defense-relevant graduate education available in electrical and computer engineering. Our capabilities are unique, and our degree programs directly support our nation’s maritime strategy.

The field of electrical engineering spans a broad swath of leading-edge technology which impacts most facets of the Defense Department's war fighting capability, ranging from secure voice and computer communication networks to advanced information warfare systems, guidance of precision strike weapons and shipboard electric power.

Our Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET accredited MSEE Degree Program has four Focus Areas available to study.  Our distance learning program can lead to either the MEng(EE) (a course only program) or the MSEE Degree in approximately 12 quarters of part-time study. Programs leading to the Electrical Engineer degree and to the Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering are also offered.

Our students are officers of the U.S. Navy and other uniformed services of the United States, international officers and civilian employees of the Defense Department and international defense establishments. Civilian employees of DoD contractors (pdf) are also eligible to attend NPS in limited numbers.

Our faculty is a group of nationally and internationally known engineering educators who have made substantial research contributions that benefit the defense and security of our nation.





Outstanding Thesis Recipients

 Graduate News

  • Congratulations to ECE PhD Graduate, Admiral Jan Tighe on the announcement of her promotion to the rank of Vice Admiral. More

 Faculty Achievements

  • U.S. Patent Number 8,693,365
    •  Congratulations to Professor John McEachen, Professor Murali Tummala and student Brian Phillips on their patent award for “Method and Apparatus for State-Based Channel Selection Method in Multi-Channel Wireless Communications Networks.”
  • U.S. Patent Application 61/267,365
    • Again, congratulations to Professor John McEachen, Professor Murali Tummala and student Owens Walker on the allowance notification for their patent application on, “Method for Energy-efficient, Traffic-adaptive, Flow-specific Medium Access for Wireless Networks.”


Clark Robertson
Professor and Chair
Department of Electrical
and Computer Engineering
Dept Phone no.: 831.656.7503

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