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Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Science (GSEAS)

The School of Engineering and Applied Science (GSEAS) has been the bedrock of the Naval Postgraduate School since its establishment as the School of Marine Engineering at Annapolis in 1909 and its expansion in 1912 to six technical fields that added Electrical Engineering, Radio Telegraphy, Ordnance and Gunnery, Naval Construction, and Civil Engineering. Today, GSEAS includes seven departments (Applied Mathematics, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Meteorology, Oceanography, Physics, and Systems Engineering) and two academic groups (Space Systems and Undersea Warfare). Applying best practices and state-of-the art advances in science and engineering, GSEAS is at the forefront of research that addresses Navy and DoD needs, with a mission to increase the technical capability of the Navy and United States military forces. Whether one considers the weapons of the future such as lasers and railguns; or research in exploiting the best materials for energy storage and capture, or strength and versatility; or the control and development of sensors in the realm of unmanned systems; or participating in the rapid advances in technological capabilities of Cyber and exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum as new fronts in warfare, GSEAS is playing a vital role for the Navy and the United States military.

GSEAS has approximately one hundred tenured or tenure-track faculty, all with doctoral degrees from top rated graduate schools in the nation and abroad. Additionally, the school has a wealth of research and instructional faculty with professional and operational expertise contributing to the teaching and research mission of the school as well as excellent administrative and technical staffs that allow the whole educational enterprise to run efficiently and effectively. The annual operating budget of GSEAS is approximately 20 million dollars.

With well over one hundred officers earning operational P-codes in the Navy’s subspecialty program, GSEAS is allotted the greatest number of Navy graduate education annual quotas of the four NPS schools. Curricula and corresponding P-codes within the school are: Electronic Systems Engineering (5300), Space Systems Engineering (5500), Naval Mechanical Engineering (5601), Combat Systems (5700), Systems Engineering (5800), Space Systems Operations (6206), Undersea Warfare (6301), and Meteorology & Oceanography (6401). GSEAS also shares responsibility in servicing the Systems Engineering Analysis program (6500 P-code) with the Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences. In addition to the Navy and Marine Corps officers that comprise approximately 70% of the GSEAS on-board resident student population, another 15% are international military officers, with the remaining split between Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard services and a small civilian contingent. Of the four schools, GSEAS has the largest number of distance learning (DL) students (over half the NPS total average on board) of which approximately three-quarters are DoD civilians and one-quarter are Navy and Marine Corps officers.

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