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The W2COG Institute is a collaborative community of experts that has been established to enable agility via netcentricity, OTD, SOA, etc. in federal agencies and DoD, as well as commercial firms, by removing the traditional barriers to sharing capabilities. While SOA and the netcentric model represent the IT paradigm selected by DoD, much of the federal government, and industry, there is a gap between the potential and the reality at the implementation level. W2COG provides the mechanism for understanding and addressing the issues that face organizations seeking enhanced agility. W2COG brings together experts from government, industry and academic to bridge this gap through engineering, demonstration projects and certifying foundational elements of the service based model. While any of the challenges above are within scope, W2COG currently focuses on the infrastructure, information assurance and acquisition processes needed to support service oriented solutions.

In particular, W2COG focuses on engineering, assurance and procurement activities to enable the SOA/netcentric vision. For example, as described below, W2COG offers Testing as a Service through GIGLite - a laboratory for streamlined testing and certification of service and supporting technologies. In addition, W2COG undertakes demonstration projects to support netcentricity, such as the Trusted Enterprise Service Buss (T-ESB) project to engineer a secure, open-source platform for service-based message exchange. 

   An Interview with Chris Gunderson

As a public/private partnership, W2COG provides a venue for the exchange of ideas and the synthesis of approaches to enable agility. The objectives of W2COG are to:

  1. Create a facility to discover commercial and government best practices and solutions for network and collaboration technologies
  2. Establish and maintain a forum of interested government, industry and academic experts in operational, engineering and programmatic aspects of effective distributed operations who can be assembled into virtual teams to address specific issues related to service based operations
  3. Demonstrate the utility of bundled off-the-shelf components to rapidly achieve netcentric advantage
  4. Provide grants to support research in support of these concepts.

"Are Militaries Lagging Their Non-State Enemies in use of Internet?  An interview with Chris Gunderson" Interview by Peter Denning in Ubiquity.

An international, collaborative, association of networking technology and operations experts. A brokering service that efficiently puts expert providers in touch with customers.

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