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The Network‐Centric Systems Engineering (NCSE) Lab

The NCSE Lab demonstrates the “Watchman System” smart environment, which is a multi‐sensor system of systems for network‐centric behavior analysis for automated situation awareness and alerting. 

NCSE Lab Director Rachel Goshorn (CV)  

  1. The Fixed Camera System consists of a 40+ camera network covering the 2nd floor 
    of Bullard hall with capability of human detection, human posture classification, face 
    recognition, and person color signature identification.

  2. The Kiosk System consists of two Pan‐Tilt‐Zoom cameras and 8 microphones for 
    human computer interactive ambient control capability, including capability for 
    voice detection, hand gesture recognition and face recognition.

  3. The Internal Unmanned Ground Vehicle system consists of LegoStorm robots with 
    capability of automatically being sent to specified locations in the lab, upon detection 
    of abnormal behavior.

  4. The External Unmanned Ground Vehicle system consists of over a dozen Surveyor, 
    outside, rugged robots with stereo cameras, GPS, IR sensor, and compass for mobile 
    Situation awareness capability.

  5. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system consists of two tethered blimps which have 
    camera, GPS, IR sensor and compass.

  6. Finally, the Command and Control System, inputs the intelligence automatically 
    extracted from the previously mentioned system (Fixed Camera System, ...) and 
    performs global situation awareness by automatically detecting normal, abnormal, 
    and unknown behaviors by people in the 2nd floor of Bullard Hall. The C2 System 
    also consists of Commanding Officer Executive Interface which visualizes the 
    automated intelligence process, including receiving and acknowledging 
    automated alerts.



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           "A.I. in the Enterprise" Forbes March 09


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