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Prof. Kevin B. Smith

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Prof. Dragoslav Grbovic


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Department of Physics
Spanagel Hall, Room 203
833 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5216
(831) 656-2145
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Mission Statement

Welcome to NPS Physics

Here's what NPS Physics can do for you:

1. Learn how to apply broad technical, scientific and engineering principles to combat systems operation, evaluation, design, and development.  

2. Develop specialized critical thinking skills that will enhance your career and beyond.

3. Leverage the fundamental principles of physics to capitalize on opportunities that will decrease cost, increase quality, and speed development of important projects for the Navy and the DOD.  

4. Use your new skill set to work creatively and practically in conceiving, developing, and acquiring advanced combat systems.

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In collaboration with its research sponsors, the Department of Physics conducts basic and applied research in underwater acoustics and acoustic communications, optoelectronics, sonar, radar imaging, advanced semiconductor sensors, remote sensing, physics of networks, directed-energy weapons (free-electron lasers, kinetic and chemical energy penetrators), autonomous robotics, explosive detonation physics, and dynamic materials properties. 

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Prospective Students

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Students in the Combat Systems Science and Engineering (CSEE) Department can expect to earn a Masters Degree in Applied-Physics with a concentration in Weapons, Acoustics or Sensors. We take students from the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Army, the Air Force and the Coast Guard

To get assigned to CSSE for your postgraduate education, the first thing to do is to call your Detailer or Placement Officer and let them know you are interested. We take student input in the summer and winter. We teach all year around with the academic year taught by quarters. It will take 8 quarters (24 months) to earn your masters degree. We do offer degrees in 18 months for Unrestricted Line Officer’s. 

For queries regarding the Combat Systems Science and Engineering (Physics) degree, please contact:


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