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Center for Positive Change: Past Summits

CNO Leadership, December 3-6, 2001: CNO transcript of opening (DOC) and closing (DOC)  comments.  Summit Video (MPEG), CNO Interview (MPEG) , Leadership Stories (MPEG).

3rd Fleet Leadership, 2002:  Summit Video (MPEG).

Navy-Family-Team, August 17-20, 2002:  Report (PDF) , Impressions (MPEG), Interviews (MPEG).

Naval Reserve, July 14-17, 2003:  Report (PDF) , Summit Video (MPEG).

Information Professional, July 28-31, 2003:   Report (HTML), Report (PDF), White Paper (DOC), Summit Video (MPEG).

NAVSUP IT, March  1-4, 2004:  Report (DOC).

Naval Reserve, June 7-8, 2004: Report (PDF).