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Center for Positive Change Home Page

Welcome to the Center for Positive Change Home Page! Under the direction of Dr. Frank Barrett , a leader in organizational change, the CPC is located in Monterey, CA and is a part of the Naval Postgraduate School . 

The mission of the CPC is two-fold:

  •  To understand and support the dynamics of positive change within bureaucratic systems;
  •  To create a positive change leadership network in which we magnify and support innovations. 

We provide several resources to achieve this mission. We provide resources for the delivery of Appreciative Inquiry summits and other positive change interventions, and we provide follow-up support to these events. In addition, we educate senior executives in appreciative processes, train mid-level DoN personnel to facilitate positive change processes, and publish case studies that document our learning about large scale change within bureaucratic systems. 

To learn more about AI (Appreciative Inquiry), click here .

If you would like to learn more about what the Center for Positive Change can do for your organization, please view both the " Past Summits " and " Summit FAQs " sections.  You can also email the CPC if you have further questions regarding AI or our involvement in facilitating your summit.