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Center for Positive Change History

The Center for Positive Change was established as a result of the December 2001 Leadership Summit.  The leadership Summit was held at the Naval Postgraduate School, 3-6 December 2001.  The first of its kind, the Summit assembled over 260 people with ranks ranging from Seaman to Admiral, who also represented all backgrounds in our Navy.  The Leadership Summit was an application of a new way to view and lead large-scale change called a Large Group Intervention (LGI).  Combining LGIs with the positive change approach of Appreciative Inquiry yielded a dynamic summit process for rapid, collaborative change.  Hence, the Leadership Summit was aimed at leadership improvement and our Navy's system of leadership development, utilizing an LGI with Appreciative Inquiry to generate pilot projects with input from all stakeholders.

The Leadership Summit was so successful, a second Leadership Summit was held by Third Fleet the following year.  Since its inception, the CPC, with the help of colleagues at Case Western Reserve University, has facilitated Appreciative Inquiry summits for the Navy Reserves, the Navy-Family-Team, and the Information Professionals (a new community that stood itself up in 2001).

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