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CPC: About Appreciative Inquiry

To appreciate means to value and to understand things of worth. To inquire means to study, to ask questions, to search. Thus, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a collaborative search to identify and understand the organization's strengths, its' potentials, its' greatest opportunities, and people's highest hopes for the future.  Appreciative Inquiry represents a model of organizational management that rivals the century old command-and-control version.  AI is about the "positive core."  Its about giving everyone in the organization a voice in molding future policy and to help with challenges that are important to the entire group.  AI is a proven methodology that teaches people to abandon "problem solving," and to embrace positive change.

For more information on Appreciative Inquiry or other exciting educational opportunities, visit the following sites: The Taos Institute , The Appreciative Inquiry Commons , and The Corporation for Positive Change .