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Giovanni Dosi

GPPAG hosted a seminar on December 8 with Professor Giovanni Dosi on "The Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Economics". A key point underlying professor Dosi's presentation was the economic crisis epitomizes also a crisis in economics, especially in macroeconomic theory. Current macro economic theory (especially Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium, DSGE), he argued, is unable to allow crisis to emerge because of unrealistic assumptions about representative agents, hyper rationality, equilibrium, etc.  In looking forward, Professor Dosi suggested that economists and economics need to work towards a more empirically relevant economics, one that can accommodate frictions, adaptive behaviors, irrationalities, and other imperfections and thus be more suited to describe and understand the real economy (he specifically suggested agent based models and some 'progressive keynesianism' as examples of progress in the direction of a more empirically relevant economics).

Links to some relevant papers of Professor Dosi:

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