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The USPTC Program Office coordinates a variety of projects, programs, and courses with other PfP Training and Education Centers, defense and military institutions, and other partners.  Some of these projects include the following:

Bosnia and Herzegovina PTC: Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC)
The USPTC is collaborating with the PSOTC on a 3-year Partner Capacity Building project to enhance and strengthen the PSOTC as regional center of excellence through the development of sustainable curriculum and coursework in niche areas of expertise that have been identified by the PSOTC as important.
1. “Engaging Women in Security, Defense, and Peacekeeping”
2. “Building Integrity in Defense Acquisition”
3. “Collaborative Strategic Leadership in Complex Environments”

Swiss PTC: Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)
The USPTC is working with the GSCP on the executive seminar, “Leadership and Cooperation in Complex Operations.”  First successfully piloted in 2009, this seminar is offered annually in the late fall and organized by faculty from GCSP and NPS’ Global Public Policy Academic Group.

NATO School
The USPTC is collaborating with the NATO School on a course in Cyber Security-Network Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Mitigation, first offered at the NATO School in August 2010 and planned to be offered twice annually.  The two institutions are also working together to create a cyber security certificate that will include this course along with three others and be offered at the NATO School.

The Cyber Security Certificate Program offers courses in: Network Vulnerability Assessment, Network Security, Cyber Incident Handling & Disaster Recovery Planning, Network Traffic Analysis. For more information, see:

Kazakhstan PTC: KAZCENT
KAZCENT was founded in 2008 as part of the country’s Individual Partnership Action Plan and recognized in December 2010 as a PfP Training and Education Center.  The USPTC is engaged with KAZCENT in determining their needs, opportunities, and strengths as they design, develop, and improve their training programs, bolster their instructors’ skills, and devise a long-term strategy.  





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