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Building Integrity: Cost Benefit Analysis Workshop

Event Type:  Workshop

Summary:  This workshop will provide participants with knowledge of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) so that they can be informed consumers, capable of reviewing a CBA and asking the right questions, and competent practitioners, positioned to develop professional CBAs.  The workshop will also enable participants to understand rational approaches to choosing the most cost-beneficial option in a resource-constrained environment.  These objectives establish the Building Integrity guidance of EUCOM, NATO, and ISAF force commanders.

Topics will include:
a. What is a CBA?
b. Why we do CBAs?
c. Statutory and/or regulatory requirements to do CBAs (where applicable).
d. Roles CBAs play in major decision processes, including requirements-setting, financial management, force development and force structuring, and weapons acquisition.
e. What are the steps and methodologies in preparing and presenting a CBA?
f. There will be a case study theme embedded throughout the workshop to clarify the practicalities of preparing a CBA.
g. Development of a draft CBA plan that addresses a specific national capability objective.


Date:  June 20-22, 2012

Location:  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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