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Today@NPS - November 2011

Today@NPS showcases some of the speakers, conferences, experiments, lectures, and other events that take place at the Naval Postgraduate School on a daily basis.  If you would like more information about any of the highlighted activities please contact the public affairs office at To view more stories visit the Today at NPS archive. NPS' photo galleries and graduation pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery - Collections page.
U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

NPS Car Club Tackles Drive Against Hunger
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Systems Engineering and Analysis student, and NPS Car Club member, Navy Lt. Christien A. Edwards gathers food donations at one of several barrels across campus, Nov. 29. The campaign is part of a joint effort by the NSA Monterey Chaplain’s office and the NPS Car Club to collect more than 3,800 pounds of food for the Monterey County Food Bank.

“It’s important to do this drive because one of the pillars that we focus on in the car club is not just cars,” said Edwards, “We want to use our manpower and our time to give back to the community.”

For Edwards and his fellow club members, the food bank seemed like a program that needed help that the car club could give. The target collection number of 3,800 pounds is not without relevance – it just happens to be the curb weight of a BMW 7 series in keeping with a vehicular theme of the club. Not settling for one program, Edwards says NPS Car Club members intend to get involved with other programs on a quarterly basis to help in any way they can.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Conrad Chair Honored During Navy Budget Chief's Visit to Campus
By Javier Chagoya

Rear Adm. Joseph Mulloy, the Chief of Naval Operation's Director of Fiscal Management, left, presented a briefing on the current Navy budget strategy in Ingersoll Hall, Nov. 29. In his position, N82 on the CNO staff, one of Mulloy's responsibilities includes serving as the the curriculum sponsor for the Financial Management curriculum in Graduate School of Business and Public Policy (GSBPP), and will return in April of the coming year for a program review. Financial Management is currently the largest curriculum at the business school for in-resident students, with 63 students currently enrolled.

During his visit, Mulloy also presented Senior Lecturer John Mutty, right, with the Department of the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award and medal on behalf of acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller, Charles E. Cook, III. While Mutty is being relieved after a successful eight-year-run overseeing the Conrad Chair, and 16 years as a member in the Conrad Scholarship Committee, he will continue to teach in the business school.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

NPS Faculty, Alumnus Awarded MILCOM Best Paper Award
By Amanda D. Stein

From left, Computer Science Professor Geoffrey Xie, recent graduate Lt. Scott Huchton, and Assistant Professor Robert Beverly show off their hard-earned 2011 Fred W. Ellersick Military Communications (MILCOM) Award for the Best Paper in the Unclassified Technical Program, presented at the MILCOM Conference in early November. Their paper, titled “Building and Evaluating a k-Resilient Mobile Distributed File System Resistant to Device Compromise,” looked at securing sensitive mobile networks that may be appealing targets for adversaries.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, the question of security is always a cause for concern. In response to those challenges, the paper explores a prototype storage system called the Mobile Distributed File System, designed to compliment existing authentication, privacy and integrity techniques. The paper was an extension of Huchton’s thesis, and a topic that will continue to be a focus for the defense community.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Applied Mathematics Professor Honored With 2011 Menneken Award
By MC1 Rob Rubio

Applied Mathematics colleagues join NPS Vice President and Dean of Research Dr. Karl van Bibber, left, in congratulating Professor Hong Zhou, right, as she is presented with the 2011 Carl E. and Jessie W. Menneken Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, Nov. 21.

The Carl E. and Jessie W. Menneken Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research honors an NPS faculty member annually who has displayed outstanding effort and achievement in research in science and engineering. Prof. Hong Zhou, the 2011 recipient, was recognized for both the quality and quantity of her research, the impact her results have had on the Departments of the Navy and Defense, and her exemplary collaboration with NPS students in all aspects of her research.

Zhou’s primary research focus is the mathematical study of macro-molecular materials and nano-composites. Her research focus involves the areas of mathematical modeling, computational dynamics and nano-science. The nano-composites represented by her models have a wide spectrum of applications in Navy/DoD force protection applications such as bullet-proof vests and spall shields.

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

'Trotters' of All Sizes Hit the Campus for Annual MWR Fun Run
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Hundreds of enthusiastic Turkey Trotters begin their run during Morale, Welfare, and Recreation's (MWR) annual Turkey Trot, Nov. 18. The Trot, a two-lap run or walk around campus, brings fun-run aficionados together to enjoy some pre-thanksgiving camaraderie

Prizes ranged from whole thanksgiving turkeys and pies, for first and second place, and medals to the younger participants - but many 'trotters' showed up for the run or for just plain-old bragging rights.

Starting at Herrmann Hall, runners made their way around campus, running, walking, or in the case of some young 'trotters,' riding in their carriages as their parents pushed them on to the finish line.

Photo provided by INFORMS 

Operations Research Senior Lecturer Wins Distinguished INFORMS Award

Operations Research (OR) Senior Lecturer Jeff Kline, right, receives the 2011 INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of Operations Research and Management Science Practice presented by INFORMS incoming president Terry Harrison, left, and current President Rina Schneur, center, during the organization's annual conference in Charlotte, N.C.

The prestigious award recognizes Kline's commitment to OR/MS and his many contributions to students in the field. A retired Navy captain, Kline has taught OR at NPS across ranks and grades, offering a campaign analysis course for junior-level graduate students, as well as a capstone sequence for distance-learning students. He also teaches an elective series to mid-level officers at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

Kline is also active in the Center for Executive Education's Transition Support Program, creating customized analysis short courses for flag officers transitioning into positions of increased responsibility. One of his most active roles is serving as the Program Director for the Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER), a group chartered by Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Short Course Gives Foreign Officers Crash Course in Advanced Electronic Warfare
By Javier Chagoya

Bob Bluth, back center, takes participants of the Technologies for Information Operations Short Course on a tour of the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies, Nov. 16. Thirteen officers from four countries, with fleet and field experience in electronic warfare and command and control, attended the three-week technical workshop of advanced subjects in electronic warfare, organized in partnership by the School of International Graduate Studies, and the Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare (CJSEW). Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Phillip Pace established the Technologies for Information Operations (TIO) program in 1996 and is the lead for CJSEW at NPS. 

As part of the students’ exposure to recent technology trends, they traveled to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and National Ignition Facility where they observed the largest and most powerful laser in the world. They also visited the Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS). The students were able to see the full spectrum of leading-edge environmental and electronic sensors that are deployed aboard various manned and unmanned aircraft at the center. 

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Two Defense Analysis Students Stabilize Shark Attack Victim at Nearby Marina Beach
By MC1 Rob Rubio

NPS Defense Analysis students, Army Master Sergeant Garric Banfield, left, and Maj. Jonathan Bleakley, right, stand near the location where they quickly applied their acute trauma training to stabilize the shark attack victim at nearby Marina State Beach until paramedics arrived.

“We could tell something was going on when these two were paddling to the shore and then ran up onto the beach,” Banfield said. “Someone said that he was bit by a shark, and we knew what was obviously going on. Even before we got there, we were yelling for first aid kits and one of our friends went to his vehicle to get one.  With our Army training, the combat life saver training kicked in and we were calm and able to assist the victim.”

After what seemed like an eternity for both the victim and rescuers, paramedics arrived in eight minutes to take over. The students knew the victim was experiencing significant blood loss, and their quick response limited this, but they take little credit for their actions. Bleakley remarked, “I take no credit for it other than having the Army training that I did. I was very impressed with how my training turned to him. I’m thankful that we have that training.”

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Rob Rubio 

Transformative Education Forum Brings Educators Together from Diverse Backgrounds
By MC1 Rob Rubio

June Gorman, Ken Gnanakan and Ajume Wingo, from left to right, facilitate a plenary roundtable discussion during the Transformative Education Forum (TEF), Oct. 31 at Monterey's Casa Munras Hotel. Sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and the Office of Naval Research Global, and with the participation of select NPS faculty and researchers, TEF brought together educators from all over the world to discuss the concepts of education in today’s global climate.

A clear and continuing theme during the conference discussions was that Western teaching styles are influencing teaching methods on the African continent and in Asia as well. Touching on various teaching styles, attendees shared personal experiences within their own classrooms and countries, as well as their respective accessibility to books and current 21st century technologies. 

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

Hands-on Activities Engage Young Women in STEM Fields
By Amanda D. Stein

A workshop leader at the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Conference helps participants with their experiment during a session titled“The Hidden Code in Strawberries,” which taught the kids to extract DNA from fruit using everyday household products. More than 100 young ladies from around the Monterey Peninsula attended the conference and Career Fair, Nov. 5, part of NPS’ outreach efforts to engage young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, and encourage them to explore STEM careers where women are largely underrepresented.

Participants were given a choice of workshops that explored various topics – many related to this year’s focus on marine science – and gave them a chance to engage with female workshop leaders about their chosen career fields and what their jobs entail. Various worksheets and journals encouraged the girls to think about the educational requirements for several of the STEM fields, and how their interests would serve them in a given career.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Army Chief of Staff Briefed on NPS' Defense Analysis Program, Research
By Amanda D. Stein

Defense Analysis (DA) department Chair Dr. John Arquilla, foreground, briefs Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, left, on current DA education and research initiatives during a campus visit, Nov. 4. During his visit Odierno was briefed by several faculty and students to learn more about the school's education and research projects, and specifically those within the Defense Analysis department which enrolls approximately half of the Army students studying at NPS. 

Odierno assumed the position of 38th Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) on Sept. 7, and has over 35 years of service.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

NPS Students Help Monterey Fight Fire with … Algorithms?
By Javier Chagoya

Three Monterey Fire Department fire fighters are pictured following a final project briefing by Marine Corps students Capt. David Coté and Maj. Tom Dono. The two Operations Research students used data provided by Monterey Fire’s administration in order to model the most effective use of apparatus, manpower and response scenarios for the city’s protection against structural fires. Pictured above, from left to right, are Fire Fighter John Fiske, Dono, Fire Capt. Jim Brown, Fire Fighter Anthony Silva and Coté.

As the final project for their fall 2011 Networks and Flows course, OA4202, Coté and Dono modeled and analyzed the Monterey Fire Department network on the Monterey Peninsula using a minimum-cost/maximum-flow algorithm. Through a series of experiments that simulated interdicting fire stations and simultaneous fires, the results of the study validate and re-enforce the current distribution of fire-fighting assets as regulated by the Monterey Fire Department.

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