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Today@NPS - July 2015

Today@NPS showcases some of the speakers, conferences, experiments, lectures, and other events that take place at the Naval Postgraduate School on a daily basis.  If you would like more information about any of the highlighted activities please contact the public affairs office at To view more stories visit the Today at NPS archive. NPS' photo galleries and graduation pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery - Collections page.


U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Lewis Hunsaker
NPS Staff Member Honored With Meritorious Civilian Service Award
By MC1 Lewis Hunsaker

Education Technician Alice R. Lee displays her Meritorious Civilian Service Award during her retirement ceremony in Spanagel Hall, June 24. Lee is retiring after 42 years of service.

"I can't believe that I have completed 42 years of government service," said Lee. "When I came to NPS back in 1994 I already had 21 years of service working for the U.S. Army at Ft. Ord. Who would have thought I would be retiring with an additional 21 years of service? It's just amazing."

During the ceremony Lee thanked everyone for attending and helping her celebrate her retirement. She noted that over the last few weeks many of her students have come by to say goodbye and to wish her a happy retirement.

"One of my students told me to 'Enjoy the rest of your time,' I wasn't quite sure what that meant at the moment. It made me think a lot," said Lee. "But as I start this new chapter of my life as a retiree, I'm going to take his words to heart and enjoy my time."

This job has given me the opportunity to work with the best students and faculty, Lee added, and has made my experience here very enjoyable.

Posted July 2, 2015

U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Shawn J. Stewart

NPS Staff Member Continues Family Tradition of Military Excellence
By MC2 Shawn J. Stewart

Operations Specialist 1st Class Vincent Hummel is joined by his father Gene Hummel and grandfather Harold Smith following his promotion ceremony outside of Herrmann Hall, June 12. Hummel, a seven-year veteran, previously served aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers USS Halsey (DDG-97) and USS Russell (DDG-59).

Hummel said that no Sailor is created on his or her own, and acknowledged some of the shipmates that helped him get here.

“I believe this and every promotion is a collaborative effort. Everyone that I have ever worked with, or for that matter have ever known, has in some way helped me get to where I am today,” he said. “I’ve worked with some top notch Sailors on the Halsey and Russell, they taught me a lot about being an Operations Specialist. In turn, the first classes here at NPS placed a premium on studying and training, particularly Operations Specialist 1st Class John King, who took extra time to help me further analyze rate publications.”

During the pinning Hummel was joined by family and friends, and chose his grandfather Harold A. Smith, a 20-year military veteran, to pin him to first class.

“I had my grandpa pin me because he had a huge influence on my decision to join the military. Growing up, I would listen to his military stories for hours,” said Hummel. “Grandpa is a war vet and an outstanding man and role model growing up, even still to this day.”

“My father Gene and all five of his brothers have an accumulated 60 plus years of military service,” Hummel continued. “I am honored to carry on the family tradition and to be a part of what my dad, grandfathers and uncles have been a part of years before me. It’s almost prophetic to actually have some of their stories come to similar fruition … it has been an awesome experience to live.”

Posted July 1, 2015


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