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Dr. Anshu Chatterjee



Research Interests
South Asia, religious and ethnic movements, center-state relations, media and politics

Anshu N. Chatterjee teaches political developments in South Asia. She joined National Security Affairs Department at the Naval Postgraduate School after finishing her PhD from University of California, Berkeley, in 2003. Her current research examines development of protest networks in relation to identity politics and state relations in disturbed regions in South Asia. Her past research includes globalization and civil society, specifically political parties and the media. Her other work experience includes working in India as a journalist.

Selected Published and Forthcoming Publications

  • “Inequalities in the Public Sphere,” in Asian Ethnicity, Taylor and Francis, 2012 (June).

  • “Shifting Lines of Governance: India’s Insurgencies and its Civil-Military Relations” in Tom Bruneau and Chris Matei (eds.) Handbook of Civil Military Relations by Routledge (2012).

  • “Globalization, Identity, and Television Networks,” in Manuel Castells, The Network Society, Edward Elgar, 2004

  • “Transnational Media and National Vision: Television in Liberalized India,” in Oliver Boyd-Barrett (ed.), Communication, Media Globalization, and the Empire, John Libbey Publishing, 2006.

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