Asset Publisher
James Wirtz, Ph.D.

Expertise: International Relations Theory, Intelligence, Deterrence, Strategy, Security Studies
Glasgow Hall, RM 308
(831) 656-3783

Afshon Ostovar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Research
Expertise: Iran, Middle East, Armed Groups, Conflict, Islam, Strategy
Glasgow Hall, Room 357

Maria Rasmussen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Instruction
Expertise: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Civil Protection
Glasgow hall, Room 304
(831) 656-3673

Paul Rasmussen, CDR

NSA Program Officer (Military Faculty)
Program Management
Glasgow Hall, Room 334
(831) 656-7753

Clay Moltz, Ph.D.

Dean of SIGS, Professor
Expertise: Space, Nuclear Strategy, East Asia, Russia
Glasgow Hall, Room 394
(831) 656-7660

COL John Zavage, U.S. Army

Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Chair
U.S. Army FAO, Middle East
(831) 656-2067