Masters Programs

Masters Programs

Stackable path to Systems Engineering DL degrees (MSSE and MSES)

Example of the path to a Systems Engineering or Engineering Systems degree via stackable certificates. Contact Joseph W. Sweeney III, Program Officer, for more information.

Stackable Certificate Path to MSSEM

Example of the path to a Systems Engineering Management degree via stackable certificates. Contact Joseph W. Sweeney III, Program Officer, for more information.

NPS Online Degree Offerings

311: Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering DL curriculum is designed for Navy System Commands and DoD organizations involved in a wide range of systems engineering and integration challenges. These commands can partner with NPS to educate and train engineers with tools and technologies relevant to their work, resulting in employees with greater knowledge and expertise to enable them to better meet the needs of their customers.

DoD organizations or sponsors provide the students, and the Department of Systems Engineering provides the instruction, course materials, and hands-on experience. Courses are delivered at the students' local sites using a combination of on-site instruction and web-enhanced online courses. The program can begin any academic quarter, depending on student demand.

312: Aviation Systems Engineering

The objective of this program is to provide graduates of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), or equivalent, the opportunity to obtain a Master of Science in Systems Engineering or Master of Science in Engineering Systems with an Aviation Systems specialization leading to a 5804P subspecialty code. The program is delivered by distance learning and builds upon the TPS academic and flight test instruction, with the student's TPS final flight test project and report (DTII) serving in lieu of a thesis, and will provide the advanced systems engineering knowledge, tools and skills necessary for the graduate to be successful as a class desk systems engineer in a Naval Aviation Systems Command (NAVAIR) mission billet.

722: Systems Engineering Management - Systems and Program Management

The Systems Engineering Management program is an interdisciplinary program combining systems engineering with program management knowledge and skills. The program is intended to broaden the technical capabilities of the acquisition workforce who may have non-technical backgrounds so they are able to successfully manage and lead programs/projects in support of the Defense Acquisition System. Students in this program learn the systems engineering process from establishing system requirements through test and evaluation. Simultaneously students learn how to manage, schedule, and budget programs as well as work with DoD suppliers through contracts to meet program obligations.

721: Joint Executive Systems Engineering and Management (SEM-PD21)

The executive SEM-PD21 degree program (721 curriculum) is designed to produce a cadre of change agents skilled in engineering and management across the nation to bring about dramatic improvements in the way American corporations and the defense industry develop and build new systems and products. This program prepares today's technical experts for successful careers as systems engineering leaders, technically grounded senior managers, and agents of innovation and acquisition excellence in their business enterprises. It is known for its unique its joint focus: joint services, joint engineering and management, and joint government and industry; and integrating business and technical elements via formal education, exposure to ongoing research, and immersive experiences in current, real-world industry practices.