Technical Reports

Technical Reports



Johnson, Bonnie, Ryan Kee, Trevor Lutz, Ernest Murray, and Michael Schwitzing. 2020. Shipboard Energy Requirements for Naval Directed Energy Weapons. Naval Postgraduate School Naval Research Program, NPS-20-N113 Final Report. (Restricted Calhoun).

Madachy, Raymond J., John M. Green. 2020. Naval Combat System Product Line Architecture Economics. Report No. SYM-AM-19-072.

Miller, Scott A., Curtis Blais, and John M. Green. 2020.  Modeling the Operational Value of Data Fusion on ASW and Other Missions. Report No. NPS-IS-20-004. AD1118302.pdf (

Vaneman Warren, Ronald R. Carlson, and Christopher Wolfgeher. 2020. Defining a Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach for Milestone Technical Reviews.  Report No. SYM-AM-19-073.


​​​ 2018

Blau, Joseph, Bonnie Johnson, John Green, Daniel Michnewich, Scott Gildemeyer, Dale Hager, Dean Liensdorf, Adrien Maline, and Kelly Mugerditchia. 2018. Shipboard Laser Analysis: SWAP-C and Operational Capabilities. Report NPS-18-N172-A.

Green, John M., Bonnie Johnson, Michelle Bones, Leonard Bunch, Kenneth Fisher, Alex Stone, and Stephanie Mara. 2018. Undersea Sensing. NPS-18-N124.



Zhao, Ying, Anthony Kendall, Bonnie Johnson, Wesley Baumgartner. 2016. Big Data Architecture and Analytics (BDAA) for Improving CID and the Common Tactical Air Picture (CTAP). Annual report for the Naval Postgraduate School Naval Research Program and OPNAV N2/N6.

Zhao, Ying, Bonnie Johnson, Anthony Kendall, and Emily Mooren. 2016. Applying the Soar Architecture to Model Cognitive Functions in a Kill Chain. NPS-N16-N273-A.



Giammarco, Kristin, Spencer Hunt, and Clifford Whitcomb. 2015. An Instructional Design Reference Mission for Search and Rescue Operations.  Report No. NPS-SE-15-002.

Whitcomb, Clifford A., Tarek Abdel-Hamid, Wayne Porter, Paul T. Beery, Christopher Wolfgeher, Gary W. Parker, G, and Michael Szczerbinski. 2015.  A Systems Approach to Modeling Drivers of Conflict and Convergence in the Asia-Pacific Region in the next 5-25 years.  Report No. NPS-SE-15-001.

Whitcomb, Clifford, Corina White, and Rabia Khan. 2015. Development of a Systems Engineering Competency Career Model: Verification of the Model using OPM Method.

Zhao, Ying, Anthony Kendall, Bonnie Young (Johnson), and Zachary Germershauser. 2015. Big Data Architecture and Analytics for Common Tactical Air Picture (CTAP). Annual Report W4F14.



Whitcomb, Clifford, Corina White, and Rabia Khan. 2014. Systems Engineering Competency FY14 Technical Report.



Alexander, Shavonne A, Walter R. Brinkley, Jordan M. Cohen, Thomas M. Roberts, Paul Beery, Joseph Bubulka, Matt C. Kenfield, and Johnny Quilenderino. 2011. Influence of foreign humanitarian assistance/disaster relief in a coastal nation. Report No. NPS-SE-11-003.