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Note: This guidance was created for the Naval Postgraduate School population.  If you are from another command, the information provided here may be useful for you but it is also highly recommended that you check with your command safety office for any special guidance or considerations.

If you are concerned check your symptoms 

The Defense Digital Service designed an online tool for the DoD community to assess potential COVID-19 symptoms. Called MySymptoms.milthe anonymous tool does not diagnose disease but assesses the likelihood someone may have COVID-19 based on a series of simple health-related questions and then provides information on how to seek further advice. Though designed with DoD personnel in mind, the public may also use it. NPS Procedures below. 

Safety Personnel Procedures and Information Links
  • Literature Review, Prevention and Hygiene
  • Social Distancing
  • What to do if Sick
  • What to do if COVID-19 Positive
  • Home Care
  • Return to Work and BUMED direction
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • General Classroom and Laboratory Utilization
  • Common/Shared Space Phased Reopening 
  • Human Resources
  • Navy COVID-19 Reporting Requirements
  • Visitor Base access
  • Incoming Personnel
  • Definitions


COVID-19: An Illustrated Scientific Summary 

Video Created and Produced by Yale Neuroscience Ph.D. Student Clara Liao 

Safety COVID19 Links

Useful Links