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null Diana Wueger

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(831) 656-3507
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Faculty Associate for Research

Expertise: Nuclear Deterrence, Strategic Stability, Naval Strategy, South Asia


Diana is a faculty associate for research with the Center on Contemporary Conflict at the Naval Postgraduate School, where she has worked on a range of projects related to nuclear deterrence, strategic stability, naval strategy, limited war, U.S.-Russian relations, and South Asian security dynamics. She completed her Master’s degree in National Security Affairs, with a curricular focus in Strategic Studies. Her thesis examined the impact of India’s efforts to develop an SSBN fleet on its deterrent relationships with China and Pakistan, drawing on evidence and lessons from the U.S.’s Cold War experience.

In addition to her work at NPS, Diana has written on a range of international security and small arms issues for numerous publications, both print and online, including Democracy Journal, The AtlanticUnited Nations DispatchAviation Week: Defense Technology Edition, and the National Defense University Press blog. Prior to joining NPS, Diana worked in Washington, DC for the Brookings Institution and the Center for the Study of Services in institutional advancement and business development. She is a graduate of Oberlin College, where she earned High Honors in Politics for her thesis on small arms proliferation dynamics after the Cold War.