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NPS Student Thesis Support

CRUSER supports NPS students by providing financial support for travel directly related to research on robotics and autonomous systems.  Activities might include conferences, workshops, site visits and field work.  


  • The student must be both
    • a full-time student and 
    • a member of the CRUSER Community of Interest (sign up here)
  •  Upon completion of travel, the student must be willing to either
    • submits a 300-500 word trip summary for inclusion in the CRUSER newsletter or
    • present a 15-20 minute brief of their work at a monthly CRUSER meeting
  • Conference travel:
    • If students are presenting their research work, the student must first request travel funding from their NPS department.  If travel is not supported, that should be noted in the funding request.
    • International travel will only be funded for students that have been accepted to present at the event.


  1. Request CRUSER travel funding
    1. Complete the CRUSER Student Travel Request Form. Faculty Advisor is the person who is supporting this research (i.e. thesis advisor, professor, etc.)
    2. Email the CRUSER form to Ms. Jean Ferreira (jeferrei@nps.edu) for approval to use CRUSER funds
    3. Once the travel funding is approved, you will receive the authorization via email, along with the CRUSER Job Order Number (JON) which you will need to request travel arrangements. 
      Funding decisions are typically made in three business days Book Travel  
  2. Book Travel
    1. Complete NPS Travel Checklist
    2. Download and fill out the Travel Request Worksheet. Use the CRUSER JON provided in your funding decision email.
    3. Circulate the completed form for electronic signature to the following individuals
      1. CRUSER PI - Dr. Brian Bingham (bsbingha@nps.edu)
      2. SPFA - Ana Ingram (aeingram@nps.edu)
      3. Your NPS Program Officer
    4. Submit signed Travel Request to the NPS Travel Office (Herrmann Hall, Office 038, 831-656-2041, travel@nps.edu)

Note: If traveling to a Non-DoD Conference there are additional requirments and approvals required.