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 Welcome to Systems Engineering Analysis

Graphic of various ships used as a headingAre you looking for the best curriculum in the world for learning HOW to engineer, to lead, and tomanage military transformation? Congratulations -- you just found it. Interested in leading transformation in the military by helping to design and improve the systems of the future?   NPS has the best military Systems Engineering Analysis program in the world designed specifically to accomplish your goals, transform military systems, and enhance your career!

Unlike other Systems Engineering Analysis programs, the NPS program focuses on cutting edge military solutions to future needs. Projects have included solutions for UAV system of systems, future expeditionary warfare systems of systems, Command & Control, laser defense, advanced aviation lift, and advanced ship design.

Points of Contact
Email the Academic Associate or call 831 656-7545 or DSN 756-7545
Email the Program Officer or call 831 656-2358 and DSN 756-2358

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To start, tell your detailer you want to study SEA (curriculum 308) at NPS!