Step by step - International with editor

Step-by-step process: Int'l Student, Using Editor

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Timeline - Int'l w/ Editor, Phase 1


  Phase 1: Initial Review

You must attend an editing brief (step 6) to receive editing services.

Your thesis SharePoint site is your personal file-sharing site for your thesis.

  • Your URL will be sent to your NPS email address. Keep your URL safe until needed (when getting your thesis proposal approved).
  • Using SharePoint for advisor and chair review is upon agreement with your advisor and/or chair (optional).

SharePoint Help

  1. If not using a computer at NPS, log into VPN.
  2. Upload your thesis proposal to the first folder on your SharePoint site.
  3. Then go to Python at and open your dashboard. You will find your thesis dashboard on the left of the interface, inside the folder named “Student Folio.” See image below. If you don't see your dashboard, create one.
  4. Copy and paste your SharePoint URL into your dashboard.
  5. Enter all the required information.
  6. Click the "Thesis Proposal Form" (TPF) link on the bottom left to begin the routing process. A pop-up will tell you if any required data are missing.

Meet thesis processors; learn your requirements.


At the brief you will receive a ticket with a code on it. Within 5 days after the brief, enter your code in your thesis dashboard. For help on accessing your thesis dashboard, see the next step.


Brief Schedule

The First 8 Pages of your thesis will be produced from the data in your thesis dashboard, so it must be correct.


Log into Python ( and open your thesis dashboard. You will find your thesis dashboard on the left of the interface, inside the folder named “Student Folio.” See the image below.


Once on your dashboard, take note of the "Requirements Status" section in the top-right of your dashboard for milestones and due dates.

Use input from advisors to write thesis and compile reference list. One-to-one coaching is also available at the Graduate Writing Center.

Graduate Writing Center

Citation Guides

When and where:

  • 19 July, Zoom (details will be sent to international students by email)
  • 20 July, Zoom (details will be sent to international students by email)


Learn editing process and schedule.

  • Get help putting your chapters into the thesis template.
  • Attendance is required to receive editing service.
  • The sign-up sheet for editing services will be available at this workshop.


Before the workshop

1. Create a "Thesis folder" on your computer.

2. Download a clean copy of the thesis template into your Thesis folder. Download template here.

3. Place your thesis chapter files in your Thesis folder, ready for formatting.

4. Turn off any other language besides English in your computer and keyboard settings. Language settings tend to corrupt how letters appear in Microsoft Word documents.

5. Ensure you are able to reach your SharePoint site. Contact ITACS if you need help.


Bring to the workshop

1. Your laptop (some laptops are available in the classroom if your computer is not portable)

2. A mouse (strongly recommended)

3. The handouts from the thesis brief, or download and print from this page

4. Any formatting questions you have


At the workshop

You must decide whether you plan to use an editor. There will be a signup sheet to “Opt In” or “Opt Out” of this free service.

Mandatory: We need a minimum of 1/2 to 2/3 (about 3) formatted, proofread, and cited chapters to conduct an Initial Draft Review. There must also be at least a partial (proofread) list of references in your template. Address and remove any track changes or balloon comments before requesting your Initial Draft Review.


Also, upload your First 8 Pages file from your Python Thesis Dashboard. It will contain your draft distribution statement and abstract.

SharePoint Information

Under "Ready for Initial Review with the Thesis Processing Office?" section of your SharePoint site click the "here" link to request your Initial Draft review. Or, you may request your Initial Review here. Your submission will be forwarded to both a thesis processor and a plagiarism reviewer.


Common Errors: Things We Mark—You Fix

SharePoint Help

Your processor emails you review results in 5 to 8 business days.


Additionally, all unrestricted thesis drafts are checked for originality via iThenticate. Results will be provided to students and their advisors, providing ample time to correct potential plagiarism concerns before the Final Draft is submitted.


If significant attribution problems are identified in the Initial Draft, you will be required to submit for a second (“Near-final Draft”) review. This draft should be essentially complete (no chapters missing and very few changes anticipated). Turnaround time for a Near-final Draft review is 5 business days.


Potential plagiarism cases identified during your Final Review with your thesis processor, which occurs after you and your department have signed your Thesis Release and Approval Form (TRAF), will be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.


Wait for feedback!
Avoid version errors: Stop work on thesis while waiting for your thesis processor review

Timeline - Int'l w/Editor, Phase 2


  Phase 2: Final Review

1. Upload near-final paper to your SharePoint site.

2. Email us at A processor will assign an editor and put the two of you in touch.

3. Papers will not be accepted for editing after 26 August.

The editor will send your edited paper back to you.

On the left side of your dashboard, click "Thesis Release and Approval Form" to begin routing.

Advisors and chair approve thesis content by the signing release form.

Remove track changes from thesis. Check format, references, and citations.


Your First 8 Pages can be downloaded from the bottom left of your thesis dashboard. Upload it to your SharePoint site. The First 8 Pages of your thesis are produced from the data in your thesis dashboard. There are, however, several "known" data-output issues with the First 8 Pages; your thesis processor will fix these things, as needed. The issues are listed via a link in your thesis dashboard's First 8 Pages section.

Warning: Asking your thesis processor for a Final Review without obtaining a clean iThenticate report is at your own risk. If Thesis Processing suspects plagiarism during your Final Review, your thesis may be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office for resolution by an honor board. Your signature on the Thesis Release and Approval Form, regardless of advisor and/or chair signature, is your promise that you have followed the NPS Academic Honor Code, which forbids plagiarism.


  1. Email your assigned thesis processor that you are ready for Final Review. Your processor will review your file and email you about any additional rework needed within 5 days.
  2. Enter the date you requested your Final Review in your thesis dashboard in Python. This must be done before your thesis processor can check off the "Thesis Accepted" milestone.


A Final Review meets the following conditions:

  • Thesis has been through an Initial Review.
  • Thesis Release and Approval Form has fully been signed in your thesis dashboard.
  • Final Draft of thesis and First 8 Pages are uploaded to your thesis SharePoint site.


When you declare you are ready for Final Review, your thesis package is immediately marked for Final Review processing; however, if any of the above conditions are missing or incomplete, we will send your submission back with a request for the missing information, and you will lose your original place in line.


Please do not expect next-day turnaround.


Late submission handling is detailed here.

Timeline - Int'l w/Editor, Phase 3


  Phase 3: Thesis Acceptance

Ensure equations and images converted to PDF format correctly. Approve final thesis PDF for publication.

Letter is sent by email to you, your faculty advisors, your educational advisors, and your service representative.


Optimally, your letter is received before graduation day; the last day to receive your letter is the Friday that follows graduation or your estimated departure date.


All but “Thesis Accepted” must marked completed in your Requirements Status section in your dashboard before your thesis processor can check the "Thesis Accepted" milestone in your dashboard.


Note that the Student Services Office closes early on graduation day.


Your acceptance letter will come with a dragon card attached. It's an unofficial document that students like to use as thank-you cards and whatnot.

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Timelines - The Ingredients, Int'l Editing

Four main ingredients:


Your editing schedule


Your Python thesis dashboard


Your thesis file-sharing site


Your thesis template