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 Academic Certificate Enrollment Request Form - A student currently enrolled in a program may request enrollment in an Academic Certificate by completing this form. Approval must be granted by the student’s primary Academic Associate and Program Officer then the Academic Associate and Program Officer for the Academic Certificate program. All signatures are required. For International Students, approval from IGPO, Ms. Kathi Noyes, is also required. Completed forms may be emailed to registrar@nps.edu or dropped off to the Registrar’s Office located in Herrmann Hall Room 022.

 Course Drop/Withdrawal Request Form - This form is used for NPS Staff and local gov't employees who request to formally Drop or Withdraw from a current quarter course registration. *Add/drop deadline is 10 business days after start of quarter *Withdraw deadline is 30 business days after Add/Drop deadline.

 Directed Study Form Proposals for directed study are to be jointly developed by the student and sponsoring faculty member, then routed for approval through the Academic Associate and Program Officer. Completed forms may be emailed to registrar@nps.edu or dropped off to the Registrar’s Office located in Herrmann Hall Room 022. The deadline to submit this form is by the quarter’s Add/Drop Deadline. The Registrar staff will enter the directed study information into PYTHON as workload permits but NLT then said Add/Drop deadline.

 Incomplete Course Extension Form Course extensions are granted one quarter at a time.

 Master's Candidacy Restoral Form - Maintaining a viable degree candidacy is the student's responsibility. A lapsed candidacy may only be revived by appeal to the Academic Council. Ref: NPS Academic Policy Manual, para 7.5.1.
 Pass/Fail Grading Request Form - A student in a degree program who wishes to take courses not in his or her normal program may also elect to take them in the Pass/Fail mode. Approval must be granted by the student's cognizant Program Officer and academic unit Chair. It is the responsibility of the student to exercise the P/F option by informing the instructor in writing at the time of enrollment that a P/F grade is desired. A copy of the approval request shall be forwarded to the Registrar. Students electing to receive the P/F grade in letter graded courses may not apply the hours toward the degree and curriculum requirements of any program.

 Staff/ Employee Registration Form  Fill in the form information to request course registration. The governing instruction for this process is NPSINST 12410.1B CIVILIAN ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. Based on the completion of this form with approval signatures including the HRO Civilian Training Officer, the Registrar’s Office will register you into the course(s) via Python. If you do not have an NPS network account, please see Student Services located in Herrmann Hall, Room 033. This form is due by the Add/Drop Deadline (Fri, Week 2 of quarter to be registered).

The Thesis Extension Form can be found on the Student Services' Commonly Requested Forms page.

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Privacy Policy

Section 6311 Title 5 of the U. S. Code authorizes collection of this information. Your personal information will be safeguarded pursuant to the Privacy Act of 1974.  - The purpose is to provide you with your Naval Postgraduate School education verification, transcript, diploma, and/or certificate, as per your request. This information will be used by the Office of the Registrar only. Disclosure of this information is voluntary; however, failure to provide this information may delay processing your application. For questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office, registrar@nps.edu or call (831)656-2591.