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Academic Council Forms

Certificate Exception and/or Extension Request Form (VPN Access Required):

A department who requires a certificate exception and/or extension request must complete this form. Prior to submission of this form, the student must be enrolled in Python for the specific certificate curriculum. If the student is not enrolled, complete the Academic Certificate Enrollment Request Form (Power Automate Workflow). Also note, all exception/extension requests must be approved by the Academic Council prior to certificate nomination.

Ref. Academic Policy Manual Chapter 9: Academic Certificates.

Dual Degree Request (Power Automate Workflow):

A student desiring admission in an internal dual NPS degree program must apply at least one year prior to their projected graduation date, but not before having completed a minimum of 12 hours of graduate course work in their assigned program. Students within one year of graduation are not eligible to apply for enrollment in internal dual degree programs. 

Ref. Academic Policy Manual, Section 7.6.2 Application for an Internal Dual Degree Program.

Incomplete Course Extension Form (Power Automate Workflow):

If the incomplete is not resolved within one quarter, it transforms into a failing grade of "X." Requests to extend the time limit for resolving grades of incomplete must be submitted to the Curricula, Certificate and Degree Requirements Committee of the Academic Council via the Incomplete Course Extension Form. Course extensions are granted one quarter at a time. Once the request is approved by the Academic Council, the Registrar’s Office will update Python within one week.

Ref. Academic Policy Manual, Section 6.6.6 Incomplete Courses

Thesis Extension Beyond 3-Years (VPN Access Required):

A student who has received three one-year extensions from his/her academic unit may apply to the Academic Council for additional time. Such extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. 

Transferring Credit from Another Institution (VPN Access Required):

Courses taken at another accredited institution before receipt of an undergraduate degree may be considered for a transfer of credit toward a graduate degree provided:

  • The courses are the equivalent of courses numbered 3000 and above at the Naval Postgraduate School.

  • The courses proposed for transfer are not necessary to meet the bachelor's degree requirements.

  • The student has earned a "B" grade or better in such courses.

Ref. Academic Policy Manual, Section 6.6.3. Item C - Course Transfer from Another Institution applied to NPS Master's.

Registrar Forms

Registrar Forms

 Academic Certificate Enrollment Request Form (Power Automate Workflow):

A student currently enrolled in a program may request enrollment in an Academic Certificate by completing this form. The request must be approved by the student’s primary Academic Associate and Program Officer then the Academic Associate and Program Officer for the Academic Certificate program. For International Students, approval from IGPO, Ms. Kathi Noyes, is also required. Once the request is approved, the Registrar’s Office will automatically be notified, and will update Python within one week.

TQPR Class Rank Request for a Dual Degree Application (VPN Access Required):

A student interested in pursuing an internal dual NPS degree program must include a TQPR class ranking as part of their application.  Prior to submitting a ranking request, the student must complete 12 hours of graduate course work and all grades must be entered in Python. The Registrar’s Office will provide a signed memo within one week.    

Ref. Academic Policy Manual, Section 7.6.2 Application for an Internal Dual Degree Program.

 Directed Study Form (Power Automate Workflow):

Proposals for directed study are to be jointly developed by the student and sponsoring faculty member, then routed for approval through the Instructor, Academic Associate, Program Officer and Department Chair, if required (and Vice Provost/Provost if an Overload).  The deadline to submit a request is the quarter’s Add/Drop deadline.  Once the request is approved, the Registrar's Office will automatically be notified and will update PYTHON by the end of the Add/Drop deadline.

 Pass/Fail Grading Request Form:

A student in a degree program who wishes to take courses not in his or her normal program may also elect to take them in the Pass/Fail mode. Approval must be granted by the student's cognizant Program Officer and academic unit Chair. It is the responsibility of the student to exercise the P/F option by informing the instructor in writing at the time of enrollment that a P/F grade is desired. A copy of the approval request shall be forwarded to the Registrar. Students electing to receive the P/F grade in letter graded courses may not apply the hours toward the degree and curriculum requirements of any program.

 Staff/Faculty Course Registration Form

This form is for NPS staff/faculty to register for a course.  For NPS civilian employees, approval from the Civilian Training Officer is required.  Completed forms are due by the current quarter's Add/Drop deadline (10 days after the start of the quarter) and should be emailed to  The Registrar's Office will update Python by the end of the add/drop deadline.  If you do not have an NPS network account, please see Student Services located in Herrmann Hall, Room 033. 


 Staff/Faculty Course Drop/Withdrawal Request Form:

This form is for NPS Staff/Faculty to request to formally Drop or Withdraw from a current quarter course registration.

*Add/drop deadline - 10 business days after the start of the quarter.

*Withdrawal deadline - 30 business days after the Add/Drop deadline.

Thesis Extension Form (VPN/Python Access Required):

A student’s first thesis extension is due prior to their Est. Departure Date or Grad Ceremony Date, whichever comes first.  Subsequent extensions are due prior to the current extension expiration date.  Extensions not received by then will result in disenrollment from the program.  The Thesis Extension Form (TEF) should be submitted in Python (VPN Access Required) via the Thesis Dashboard. 

Note:  As long as a student logs in to their account every 30 days, they will have access to email, the network and Python until the TEF expires.  For login issues, please email

Privacy Act Statement

AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 552a; 10 U.S.C. Ch. 855, Naval Postgraduate School; 10 U.S.C. 8544: Civilian teachers: number; compensation; 8545: Officers of the armed forces; enlisted members: admission; 8546: Officers of foreign countries: admission; 8549: Defense industry civilians: admission to defense product development program.

PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To record names, addresses, ranks, and other personal information for the purposes of managing NPS IT user and student information for scheduling classes and recording of grades, etc. NOTE: Portions of records may be maintained in paper form.


DISCLOSURE: Disclosure of this information is voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information may prevent class enrollment or provision of a user account on the Educational Research Network.

For questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office, or call (831) 656-2591.

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