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The Coaching Process

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to receive regular constructive feedback. GWC coaches have the training and experience to help you organize your ideas, develop an outline, rework your phrasing, understand language and citation rules, overcome writer's block, and generally manage the writing process. Coaches assist with any type of assignment, from short papers to dissertations.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, the GWC is dedicated to providing you the same level of high-quality service that you're accustomed to. Click on Distance Learners for more details. 

What coaches do:

  • Help you communicate clearly, concisely, and creatively
  • Explore your writing goals and identify your strengths
  • Familiarize you with academic writing standards
  • Discuss your writing process, ideas, outlines, and drafts—for the duration of the coronavirus crisis—via Zoom, MS Teams, or over the phone
  • Help you develop your thoughts and map out a plan
  • Identify writing patterns that need improvement or correction
  • Coach you through drafts and rewrites
    • We spend approximately 30 minutes reviewing your draft for a 30-min appointment, or 60 for 60
    • We help you improve your organization, critical thinking, logic, use of source material, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and more
  • Explain how and when to cite, quote, and paraphrase according to your discipline's style
  • Teach you how to proofread your own work
  • Refer you to more resources specific to your needs

What coaches don't do:

  • Replace the guidance of professors
  • Provide substantive, discipline-specific feedback on content
  • Provide editing and formatting support outside of coaching sessions

How to meet with a writing coach:

The most reliable way to meet with a coach is to make an appointment in WCOnline. WCOnline requires a simple one-time registration. After you have registered, learn how to sign up for 30- or 60- minute writing coaching sessions and quarterly workshops, then view our WCOnline calendars to find available appointments.

For info on the online drop-in service, select the menu item to the left. For brief questions, email

If possible, please email your written work and assignment instructions to your coach 24 hours in advance to allow time for review. Availability can be limited. During busy periods of the quarter, coaching appointments may be limited to two per week or 2.5 hours total. Thank you for your patience.

Classified Papers and Theses

Writing coaches are available to provide assistance on classified papers. Meetings are held in either the Dudley Knox Library's Restricted Materials area or in the secure facilities in Glasgow. Email the Graduate Writing Center for guidance on making an appointment.