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Calls for papers invite writers to submit manuscripts on a particular theme, subject, or question, typically for the purpose of placing different perspectives in conversation with one another, harnessing the power of many minds to tackle an important issue.

Interested in writing for one of these calls? The GWC supports students' publication efforts through pre-submission review, available via a coaching appointment, as well as through our publication workshops—"Writing for Online Outlets" and "Writing for Academic Journals."

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"The December 2023 Proceedings outlines a scenario for a hypothetical war in the western Pacific that begins in 2026, alongside subject matter expert essays assessing how the war might play out in various warfighting domains and communities. Now the Naval Institute would like to hear from readers how the United States and its allies and partners might respond."

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"The NPS Foundation/U.S. Naval Institute Annual Essay Contest . . . encourage[s] writing for publication and critical thinking among students, faculty, and staff at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. Essays should be based on thesis, research, or operational experience that best advances the military profession."

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