Masters Thesis Resources

Masters Thesis Policy

The official statement of requirements for theses, formation of committees, team theses, and theses joint with other degree programs. such questions as "Does my second reader have to be tenure track?" are answered here.

Masters Thesis Format

NPS maintains a website with information about thesis format. It's got a thesis prep manual and a lot of other useful information about theses and process. These folks encourage email questions from students (contact info provided) and also have workshops.

Master's Thesis Library Lookup

Search for a thesis here.

Masters Thesis Abstracts

From this link, you can find almost every thesis abstract in almost every department since 1996. Just click on what timeframe you want to see, then it will take you to the page allowing you to select the department. Then click on Computer Science and you will get a pdf which lists each thesis abstract.

CS Thesis Proposal Template in Word format

This link provides a template for your use during the development of your thesis proposal.

CS Thesis Extension Request

Use this form to request an extension to your thesis deadline.

IRB Checklist for Student Research

This link provides a Word doc form and contacts for Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements. Click here for more IRB info.