The mission of the Computer Science department is to provide relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the effectiveness of the U.S. and Allied armed forces.


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  • Produce US and Allied Officers who use computational processes to analyze and design solutions of complex problems
  • Focal areas in CS:
    • Cyber Security and Defense (CSD)
    • Network and Mobility (N&M)
    • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems (AIAS)
    • Software Engineering
    • Cyber Operations
    • Modeling and Simulation
  • 80% students from non-CS backgrounds; all graduate with full MS
  • Computer Information Security Lab
  • Public Key Infrastructure Laboratory
  • Forensics Exploitation Lab
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing Laboratory
  • SCIF labs and classrooms
  • MOVES labs and facilities
  • More information here

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Graduating students from non-CS backgrounds

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Computer Science Department

Address:  Computer Science Dept., Glasgow Hall East, Building 305, Room 311, 1411 Cunningham Rd, Monterey, CA, 93943

Phone: Admin: 831.656.3389, DSN 756-, Program Office: 831.656.7980/7981, DSN 756-. 

Fax:  Admin: 831. 656.2814, DSN 756-, Program Office:831.656.3681, DSN 756-

Email:  The following email addresses can be reached using the '@nps.edu' suffix:  Chairman - CS_Chair, Program Officer - ProgramOfficer_CS, Computer Science Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_CS, Software Engineering Academic Associate - AcademicAssociate_SE, Computer Science Search Committee - cssrch, Additional contact information is available for CS Department faculty members.