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Congratulations and welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)!  This page describes the check-in process, to include steps you can take to in-process before your arrival, what you need to do upon your arrival, and finally, new student orientation.  Your official orders automatically initiate actions by the NPS Registrar’s office to input your information into the student database, known as “PYTHON”.  Once that is complete, the Student Services Office will issue each prospective student an NPS user ID and password via a Welcome Aboard Package, delivered by email (please ensure that you are able to check the email address you provided on your Admissions application, if your email has changed update your email address at the following link, the email on file will be the address your welcome aboard package is sent to).

Virtual In-Processing:

In an effort to provide you with the best possible service and support, Student Services has developed virtual in-processing, which can be completed via the steps in this section. This will greatly reduce the time needed to physically stand in line at the Student Services Office upon your arrival, as most requirements for in-processing can be completed online and via email. You will still be required to get your orders stamped in student services upon your arrival and complete a Check-In Sheet; more details are in the "Arrival" section. If for any reason you are not able to complete the virtual in-processing, the secondary means to in-process is in person at the Student Services Office on or before the “Report no later than" date on your orders.

Steps in Virtual In-processing:

  • Request NPS User Name and Password (if you have not already received one in your Welcome Aboard Package) by emailing The “User Name” and “Password” will allow access to all NPS applications. Instructions for you initial password are found in the "Welcome Aboard package." Upon initial log-in you will be prompted to reset your password.
  • Log-in to PYTHON and update all personal/family data.  To access PYTHON from off-campus, visit the Technology Remote Access page.
  • Send an appropriate personal photo in any working uniform to This photo should be a front view from the shoulders up in .jpeg format. The photo will be uploaded into PYTHON and used by faculty and staff as a means of photo identification/accountability.

Note: Please check in at the Student Services Office when you arrive in the area. This will be your effective “onboard” date. This date will be stamped on your orders and is the BAH start date. If you have a “No Earlier Than” date on your orders, you will not be allowed to check-in earlier unless Student Services has granted prior approval. This concludes virtual check-in.


Arrival at NPS outside of the dates published on orders is NOT AUTHORIZED. Changes or modifications must be accomplished via parent service manpower authorities.

  • Please report to the Student Services Office on or before the "Report NLT" date on your orders. You must wear the appropriate seasonal uniform for reporting (USN: SDB/Summer Whites, USMC: Alphas, USAF: Short Sleeved Blues, USA: Class B). The Student Services office is open M-TH 0700-1600 and FRI 0700-1400.
  • Complete the Check-in Sheet provided in your Welcome Aboard Package (also available in student services at the time of arrival).  This must be completed by all incoming students. The check-in sheet is to be completed by the end of the first week of classes. Once completed, return the check-in sheet to Student Services..
  • Once you have physically checked-in with student service you will commence "Daily Muster" by logging into the Student Check-In Page, read all announcements and then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to muster.  This is our primary means of accountability; failing to muster initiates a process, at the Program Officer level, to locate/account for you.

New Student Orientation:

  • Attend the New Student Orientation, held in King Hall. This is mandatory for all incoming students. The scheduled presentations are intended to introduce new students to policies, information and services relevant to their stay and study at NPS. All date/time/location information can be found in the Welcome Aboard package or on the major events calendar found on the Student Check-In Page (access requires NPS user name and password). This event will last most of the day. Please do not schedule other appointments (medical, housing, movers, etc.) during this time.

Additional Information:

An on-line Student Handbook is maintained by the Dean of Students to officially disseminate NPS policy concerning student matters. ALL students are required to read and comply with the policies set forth in the Student Handbook.

Additional information can be found in the Quick Links (right side of page).  Please contact Student Services ( or call 831-656-3813/3812/3847) if you have additional questions.  

Information on school districts, school related issue/special needs or if you are arriving in the middle of the school year, please contact the NSA Monterey School Liaison Officer Tel (831)656-1008, Cell (831)656-2010, Fax (831)656-7430, or Email LFlynn@ 

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