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Navy Student Leave Procedure
  1. Read Section 123 “Leave and Liberty” in the NPS Student Handbook.

  2. If traveling OCONUS, you shall go to Security Manager’s office in the basement of Glasgow and report your intended travel itinerary.  In addition, you shall complete all request ATFP, security and country clearance requirements prior to submitting your leave request.  Any leave request without requirement completion shall be recycled back to the member.

  3. Go to NSIPS online portal using your CAC and submit your leave request.

  4. Complete all the appropriate blocks.   Your Program Officer’s name should be listed automatically in your leave request as a Recommender.  If your Program Officer is NOT automatically listed, you shall communicate with your Program Officer to gain his/her recommendation and then annotate the proper remarks in the comment section.  If you are missing classes, you shall gain permission from your instructors and then annotate the proper remarks in the comment section.  In order to have leave approved in timely manner, permission must be granted from the Program Officer and all professors/instructors of classes that are to be missed.

    If NOT missing classes:  “I will not miss any classes and my Program Officer approves”
    If missing classes:  “Program Officer and Professors/ Instructors have approved missing class for leave”

  5. Once your Program Officer has recommended your leave, it should be automatically routed to the Student Service Office via NSIPS.  

  6. Student Services will review your leave request and finalize with leave control # in NSIPS or recycle back to you if it was not completed or routed correctly.

  7. When your leave has been approved, an automatic email will be generated and sent to you.  Make sure your all contact information is correct and up-to-date in NSIPS prior to submitting any leave requests.  Annotate your Leave Control Number for inclusion in your Request to Miss Muster.

  8. Submit a Request to Miss Muster (password required).  Include your Leave Authorization Number in your Request to Miss Muster Once your Request to Miss Muster has been approved, you will receive an automatically generated email.  If you do not receive an email within 3 days of submitting your request (with approved Leave), please contact Student Services.

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