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Graphical User Interface
To support this research a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) was developed (Fig.R). This two-page GUI allows visualizing the real drop data, as well as analyzing emulated trajectories with the goal of assessing a visibility of enough geometry-based features (for pose estimation). Based on the DZ/KTM database the first page lets a user to choose any specific drop zone from the pop-up menu and the KTM constellation used in the specific drop (Fig.Ra). Then, the user navigates to the directory containing the real-drop / emulated data. Next, he/she proceeds to the second page (Fig.Rb), where a 3D trajectory along with the simulated images from all (up to six) involved cameras is animated. The user can change the view point for the 3D trajectory (by moving azimuth and elevation sliders), “experiment” with the focal length of each camera, and “freeze” simulation at any instant of time.

Figure R. The two-page GUI to support a pose estimation analysis: choice of the drop zone and KTM constellation (a),
and emulation of what cameras would see during the drop (b).

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