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 Student FAQs:
  • Q1.  I’m a DL Student trying to complete my SOFs via Python, but my username/password will not work. How can I complete my SOFs if I cannot log into Python?
  • A1.  Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) and they can assist with username issues and resetting passwords. Inquire by phone (831) 656-1046 or via e-mail After the password has been reset, SOFs can be completed via Python.
  • Q2.  I can't view my grade or NPS Transcript in Python because I did not submit a SOF on time?
  • A2.  a. Log into Python; b. Under Student Folio tab, click My Matrix tab; c. Next to the correct academic year/quarter, you'll see SOF buttons active. If one or more of your courses show a ABC button, then either a SOF is not required or your instructor has not yet submitted a grade; d. Click on each active Late SOF button, and enter in responses as necessary; e. Once all SOFs have been completed and instructors have entered their grades into Python, your NPS Transcript will be available for review.


Faculty FAQs:

  • Q1.  When does the SOF submittal period begin and end for all students (Res & DL)?
  • A1.  Every quarter, the SOF submittal period coincides with opening of the grade window on Monday, Week 11 and ends on Sunday, Week 12 (after graduation).
  • Q2.  2. I noticed some of my courses do not require students to submit SOFs. Why do some courses require SOFs and some do not require SOFs?
  • A2.  Guidelines:
    1. a. A course with less than 5 students does not require a SOF.
      b. If Python lists the Class Type as Seminar, Directed Study, or Thesis/Dissertation, then no SOF is required.
    2. If a course needs to require or not require a SOF indefinitely, contact to request the change to be made.
  • Q3.  How can I access my SOF results?
  • A3.  SOF results are viewable once the grading window has closed and grades have been entered into Python for ALL students enrolled. To view SOFs: (a) Log in to Python. (b) Click on “Faculty Folio” then click “Teach Load”. (c) Click on the details button next to the correct AY, Qtr, and course. (d) The “Course Information” page will appear. Click on the “SOF Results” button. The “Student Opinion Forms Results” page appears.
  • Q4.  How long are the written comments available to view in Python?
  • A4.  After the grading window has expired, students’ written comments are only available for 90 days. Comments can be viewed only by the instructor and the instructor may delete a comment at any time. Comments are saved inside the Python database for one quarter, and then deleted (requested by the Faculty Council).
  • Q5.  The SOF submittal period has expired and I’ve inputted my grades into Python, but why can’t I see my SOF results?
  • A5.  The course may have been set to not require SOFs. Another possible reason is the grading deadline has not closed yet or you have not entered grades for ALL students enrolled. If more time is required to assign a grade for an individual student, enter an “I” grade. If SOFs were set to be required for the course and all students have been graded, then SOF results can be viewed. If you still cannot view your SOF results, contact for assistance.
  • Q6.  6. Can students see their grades, even if a SOF has not been submitted or if a SOF is not required?
  • A6.  Students can view their grades only after they’ve submitted a SOF via Python and after the instructor has entered grades into Python.

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