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NPS has an extensive portfolio of over 100 patents covering important technological developments in a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. All of these inventions are available for licensing.

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Patent License Agreement (PLA)

A Patent License Agreement is a contract between a Navy laboratory (licensor) and a licensee that defines the terms under which the licensee may make, sell, and use a patented invention. The License Agreement can be non-exclusive, partially exclusive, or exclusive and is individually negotiated between representatives from the respective Navy laboratories and the prospective licensee.

Visit TechLink to view a list of NPS Technologies available for licensing.

Parties interested in obtaining a Patent License Agreement (PLA) are required to submit a completed PLA Application to:


NPS Patent Awards


NPS faculty, students, and researchers have been awarded many patents covering a wide range of technologies.  All Patent Awards are available in the NPS Institutional Archive, Calhoun.

View the entire Patents Collection or view Patent Awards by Year:

2024 Patents | 2023 Patents2022 Patents | 2021 Patents | 2020 Patents | 2000-2019 Patents | 1973-1999 Patents

For more information about patents and guidelines for NPS, go to the Office of Counsel website.


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