The Department of Applied Mathematics has a multifaceted mission to provide an exceptional mathematical education focused on the unique needs of NPS students, to conduct relevant research, and to provide service to the broader community. A strong and vibrant Department of Applied Mathematics is essential to the university's goal of becoming a premiere research university. Because research in mathematics often impacts science and engineering in surprising ways, the department encourages mathematical explorations in a broad range of areas in applied mathematics with specific thrust areas that support the mission of the school.

Mathematics is the language of science and is fundamental to every quantitative science and technology curriculum on campus. The Department of Applied Mathematics strives to provide a solid mathematical foundation for all students as they make the transition into graduate curricula. We provide high-quality instruction in all courses, giving emphasis to relevant and modern mathematical techniques in our advanced courses. And we encourage students to develop and utilize skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, and exposition as they acquire knowledge of mathematics and its applications.

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Distinguished Professor Frank Giraldo

Distinguished Professor Frank Giraldo

Congratulations to Professor Frank Giraldo for his promotion to Distinguished Professor!...Read More

Highly Meritorious Research by a Junior Naval Postgraduate School Faculty Member

Associate Professor Jeremy Kozdon, Department of Applied Mathematics His work involves the development of adaptive numerical methods and their implementation in high-performance codes that run on current and emerging computer architectures. In the past two years he has been co-PI on a high-profile project called Climate Machine (CLIMA), which is an ambitious project funded by several...Read More

Vice Chair of SIAM Activity Group on CST

Congratulations to Professor Wei Kang for being elected as the Vice Chair of SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory (CST). His term starts January 2020. As one of 23 SIAM Activity Groups, CST fosters collaboration and interaction among mathematicians, engineers, and other scientists in those areas of research related to the theory of systems and their control. It...Read More

Associate Prof. Lucas Wilcox

Congratulations to Associate Professor Lucas Wilcox! Associate Professor Lucas Wilcox has been awarded the 2017 Carl E. and Jesse W. Menneken Annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research....Read More

MA graduates

Congratulations to our September 2017 graduates! Left to right: LT Ben Kalkwarf, CPT Brian Weaver, CPT Austin Harris, CPT Marcelo Presa....Read More

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