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Educational Technician
(831) 656-2319

If unavailable, please contact:
CIVINS Office, ; 831-656-2417 or 831-656-3345

Your first step after receiving orders to the CIVINS program is to make contact with CIVINS.  Email
  • You need to submit your EFT Information Sheet to the office immediately. Do not wait until beginning instruction.
  • Your Educational Plan (EP) must be completed and submitted to the office NLT 30 days after commencing instruction. Tuition invoices cannot be paid without a current approved EP on file.
  • You must apply for all in-state tuition and medical insurance waivers at your university.
The CIVINS office pays your tuition and fees to your school after NPS has been invoiced.
You should forward all pertinent documents to your CIVINS Ed Tech. Generally Navy students are exempt from deadlines due to the third party billing. Your Ed Tech can contact the University and ensure you remain in good standing.
After you submit your EP it will be forwarded to your sponsor SME for approval. You should be copied by your sponsor on the reply back to CIVINS. If you are not notified of an approval, please contact your CIVINS to verify.
If you need to make adjustments to your EP please send the revised copy to your Ed Tech.  The EP will then be sent to a SME for approval.
You will be responsible for charges incurred after the drop date.
Answer: The ESRs are listed on the PERS 450 site which is linked on the Curricila/Approved Schools page of the CIVINS webiste.
The CIVINS office does not have travel funding. You will have to travel at a no-cost-travel orders processed through the NROTC Unit or where you are administratively assigned.
You will need to provide CIVINS office with your official transcript showing that a degree was awarded. A graduation report will be forwarded to PERS 450 along with your transcript. Your subspecialty code and degree will be entered into your record by PERS 450. See the FAQs on the PERS 450 site for more information. It is your responsibility to make sure that the university receives authorization to forward the transcript to this office.

Answer: CIVINS students are eligible to recoup the following fees:

  • Up to 3 application fees to universities
  • 3 official transcript request fees ISO of applications to universities
  • Graduation and thesis fees charged by the university (if not included on the tuition invoice)
  • The cost of a final official transcript to the CIVINS Office at NPS.
  • If your university requires a tuition seat deposit you may be reimbursed only if the university applied the deposit towards your tuition charges.
  • Law Education Program Students (LEP) are authorized reimbursement for the BarBri Review course.
Wait until your classes have begun to submit your claim form and receipts.
By EFT; please ensure our office has a current EFT on file with your correct banking information.
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Contact Information

Civilian Institutions Office (Code 522)

Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle, Herrmann Hall Rm HE046
Monterey, CA 93943-5033

CIVINS Director 
LT William Desousa
Ph: 843-327-6822

Program Manager 
LT Siddharth Swaminathan
Ph: 205-563-6890