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Academic Program Review

The process for Academic Program Review (APR) begins with the preparation of a self study and culminates in a peer review of the educational and research activities of a department. The purpose of an academic program review is to foster academic excellence, to improve the quality of every department, and to provide guidance for administrative decisions in support of continual improvement. The APR process calls for each academic department to conduct an APR approximately every six years.

The primary purpose of the Academic Program Review is to validate that academic programs (education and research) are current, relevant, and of high quality as assessed by peers in the academic community.

The APR process is a peer review of programs conducted by external academics and experts within disciplinary areas. A number of NPS curricula and/or degree programs holding specific professional accreditations substitute these reviews for the APR.

The review process is the vehicle by which a department communicates with internal and external stakeholders about its capacity and the effectiveness of:

  • Scholarship: The overall quality and direction of the research, scholarship, and creative activity of the faculty; and, the extent to which these activities impact instruction, student experiences, and support DoD and institutional partners.
  • Graduate Programs: The overall quality and direction of the department’s graduate programs, including curriculum, teaching, research, laboratories, and service activities.
  • Capacity and Capability: The extent to which the administrative functions and resource allocations (human, financial, facilities) effectively support the education and research activities of the department and faculty
  • Strategic Direction: The alignment of departmental goals and strategies with the NPS strategic plan, and timelines to track progress to achieve these goals.



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