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To provide high quality, relevant and unique advanced education and research programs that increase the combat effectiveness of the Naval Services, other Armed Forces of the U.S. and our partners, to enhance our national security.


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Illustration of NPS Herrmann Hall

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey

In December 1951, in a move virtually unparalleled in the history of academe, the Postgraduate School moved lock, stock and wind tunnel across the nation, establishing its current campus in Monterey, Calif. The coast-to-coast move involved 500 students, about 100 faculty and staff and thousands of pounds of books and research equipment. Rear Adm. Ernest Edward Herrmann supervised the move that pumped new vitality into the Navy's efforts to advance naval science and technology.

The main building of the former Hotel Del Monte - now named Herrmann Hall - houses the principal administrative offices of the Naval Postgraduate School. The academic quadrangle was built incrementally after the school officially opened for business in 1951. 

Illustration of Marines Raising the American Flag over Monterey Customs House

Raising the Flag at the Customs House 

Having met with no resistance, Captain Mervine then decided that established custom demanded that the Mexican Flag be lowered and the American flag raised before this act became official.  Unfortunately, the Mexican ensign had not been flown over Monterey for several months.  A hasty search was conducted to locate the desired flag.  The ceremony was finally completed to Captain Mervine’s satisfaction and Monterey was in American hands.  The sailors returned on board the ship leaving a detachment of Marines under Lieutenant Maddox to garrison Monterey.  The Marines took possession of the barracks which had not been used by the forces of General Castro.

Excerpt taken from “Marines in the Mexican War,” Occasional Paper for the History and Museums Division HQ USMC by Gabrielel M. Nufeld Santelli, 1991.

Illustratino of Marines Stroming the Beach at Monterey as part of Sloat's Landing

Sloat's Landing 

On 2 July 1846, Commodore John D. Sloat on board the frigate Savannah arrived at Monterey Bay California.  

Early on the morning of 7 July 1846, four Navy officers went ashore at Monterey and demanded the surrender of the town.  The military commandant there claimed that he had no authority to relinquish the town.  A few hours later 250 sailors and Marines landed at Monterey under the command of Captain William Mervine, captain of the Savannah.  Mervine was assisted by Commander Hugh N. page, USN.  The 85 Marines who landed with the bluejackets were commanded by Captain Ward Marston and Second Lieutenant Henry W. Queen of the Savannah, Second Lieutenant William A. T. Maddox of the Cyane, and Orderly Sergeant John McCabe of the Levant.  Landing at 10 in the morning, the forces formed and marched to the Custom House where a proclamation was read.  The proclamation promised, among other things, “a great increase in the value of real estate and the products of California.”

Excerpt taken from “Marines in the Mexican War,” Occasional Paper for the History and Museums Division HQ USMC by Gabrielel M. Nufeld Santelli, 1991.

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