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Gov't Travel Card Agency Program Coordinator (APC)

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CitiBank now has the contract for the Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC.) All travelers must obtain a GTCC before travel and use it to pay for all airline tickets, rental cars and lodging. It should also be used to pay for other authorized travel expenses.

In order to obtain a GTCC, the traveler must:

  1. Complete the Travel Card Web Training Course and pass the certification test at the end of the course,
  2. Complete the fillable Travel Card Application Form,
  3. Complete the Statement of Understanding and have it signed by his/her supervisor,
  4. Submit the course certification test certificate, the Application Form, and the Statement of Understanding to the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) in the Travel Office (He-038.)

In order to change a GTCC account to NPS from another command, the traveler must complete a Cardholder Change Account Form and submit it to the APC.

NPS Travel Card Guidelines

Citi Government Travel Card Cardholder Guide

 Citi Cardholder Dispute Form

DoD FMR Vol 9 Chap 3, Government Travel Card Policy

eBusiness Instructions Policies and procedures for the administration and use of the Government Travel Charge Card EBUSOPSOFFINST 4650.1A

ONLINE CARDHOLDER ACCOUNT ACCESS Citi has released this secure Internet site that enables Department of Navy Travel cardholders to register for Web-based access to their Government Travel Charge Card account using their Electronic Access System.

E-mail Travel Card APC to request assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a trip coming up soon, and I am an infrequent traveler.  How do I/when do I get my card turned on?
The Travel Card Coordinator runs a daily DTS report to ensure customers who have upcoming travel have active accounts. Activation dates are set according to order travel dates. Customers are encouraged to contact the Travel Card Coordinators for further assistance, especially to ensure the GTCC is open and active at an appropriate time to expedite mission travel.  

Why use the GTCC anyway?
 It is Navy Policy to have a GTCC while on official travel. Temporary de-activation of the account does not mean “no use of the GTCC.”  

Can you inform a traveler when the card is de-activated?
Activation and de-activation dates are according to travel dates. A week after the travel end date on orders will be the de-activation date.  DTS will auto-generate an email advising your travel is paid. After the voucher has been processed and paid, you can confirm with the Travel Card Coordinators that the GTCC is de-activated.   
Customers will have an OPEN account but it will be in temporary de-active status while NOT on travel. This serves to prevent potential fraudulent activity such as compromise of account information, or if the GTCC is lost or stolen.


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