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Student travel is processed through the Travel Office. We are located in the lower level of Herrmann Hall, Room 038. Our hours of operation are 0700-1600, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. We may be reached by telephone at 656-2041. Our fax number is 656-7632.  

All first-time student travelers are required to have a CAC card (obtained from CSD in building 300,) and to use it to self-register in DTS. The procedure for self-registration is located at this Link. The Transportation Assistants (TA) in the Travel Office can assist you in this process. Use of DTS for travel is mandatory.  

Students who need to travel are required to submit to the Travel Office a completed Travel Request Worksheet signed by the PI and SPFA. The Travel Office will then enter your travel authorization into DTS, where it will be routed to SATO, then to the SPFA for review, and then to the Authorizing Official (usually the department chairman) for approval. Any Transportation Assistant (TA) in the Travel Office can assist in processing your  travel request. You may submit your request in person, by e-mail, or by fax. The more lead time you allow for processing your request, the greater the likelihood that your travel needs will be met.

Students may enter their own travel into DTS, however, the Travel Request Worksheet, with required signatures on the back, is still required to be faxed into the travel authorization as a Substantiating Document.

A job order number on your Travel Request Form is required. The financial administrator in your department or your program advisor will be able to provide this to you. You are also required to provide detailed information regarding the purpose of your travel. Being more specific, rather than less, will help ensure compliance with government regulations and assure a timely processing of your travel request.  

International travel has additional requirements. The Travel Office will provide all information on what is required of you to comply with international travel regulations. There is a lead time requirement for processing documents required for international travel. Please allow for as much lead time as possible (and no less than 45 days) in order to assure your timely departure.  

After you complete your travel, you will need to submit a completed and approved Travel Voucher Form DD1351-2 to the Travel Office, along with all original lodging receipts, and any other receipts of $75 or more, including airline ticket receipts, which can be obtained from SATO’s web site or from the airline ticket counter.  These receipts will be scanned into DTS for inclusion with your voucher. Cash or personal credit card receipts in foreign currency must show the US. dollar equivalent amount in ink. Make sure receipts are legible.

Regulations state that vouchers are to be submitted within five days of return from travel. You are required to electronically sign your voucher. This requires you to have a CAC card and signature PIN. Once you sign your voucher, it will be routed electronically to the Centralized Certifying Officers in the Travel Office. After approval and submittal to DFAS, you should be paid within three business days.  

All credit-worthy travelers are now required to have a government travel card (GTCC) to travel, and to use it to pay for airline tickets, rental car and lodging. Contact the travel card Agency Program Coordinator (x3211) in the Travel Office to apply for the GTCC. Normal lead time is 7-10 days, but if you need it sooner, it can be delivered by FedEx for a $20 fee, which is reimbursable as a travel expense on your voucher. 

International Military Students (IMS) are not permitted to use DTS. There is a separate process for creating hard copy orders for IMS, which is described in the IMS Standard Operating Procedure.

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